April 16, 2010

contentment...chrissy.s answer!

{me. content. oregon coast. fall 2009}
so i was asked to speak at a women.s conference in may about
(yep. that.s why all the questions)
i laughed out loud at the poor soul they sent over to my home to ask me.
contentment?  me?  are you serious?
(they were!)
i have to say that i feel like i am virtually surrounded 
by so many amazing. beautiful. busy. contented women right now.
you might say, like i did...
contented? me? are you serious?
and i am!
...because here is my answer to all of you about...
contentment is...
to me, contentment is a peace within.
i love this definition of 
p e a c e
it does not mean to be in a place
where there is no noise, trouble
or hard work.  it means to be in
the midst of those things and still
be calm in your heart.

you women that encircle me are 
sweethearts. mothers. daughters. grandmas. aunts. sisters.
you.ve lost loved ones. children. parents. grandparents. friends. pets.
you nurse and you counsel and you carpool and you blow bubbles.
you create.  art.  homes.  families.  careers.  memories.
you provide the necessities for your home.
some of you are the home.
you laugh and you cry.  you teach and you lift. 
you pick up off the floor again and again and again.
blocks and bodies and lonely friends and aching hearts.
sometimes the broken heart is your own.
the laundry is never done.
the dishes will always have crumbs...(thankfully!)
your shoulders will always need to be strong for leaning.
there will always be a blank canvas to cover.

there will always be 
noise. trouble. hard work. heartache. 
and yet...
i see you and in the marrow of all that chaos that swirls about you.

contentment is a journey!

i am amazed and blessed to be encompassed by you women
 who are trying your best each day and encouraging each other
 to stay in the race.

(huge contented hugs to all of you!)


  1. Holy moly - that was beautifully written, Chrissy, and so uplifting. So easy to get caught in the whirlwind of life. Up close, it looks like a tornado, but when you step back you see it's actually a wonderful, twisty-turney journey to contentment. Thanks for helping us all recognize this. You are, of course, perfect for speaking on the subject. :)

  2. oh my love...what a beautiful post...glad i got to read it! yes...contentment is what i feel even though there are torrent winds around me...when i take care of myself...be kind, be honest, be true...to myself and others...i feel content....when i am rested and fed..i feel content...thank you for the reminder...those lucky people that get to hear you speak!
    faith my love....all is well

  3. Oh, I love this photo. I love living so close to the beautiful Oregon Coast. I've spent a lot of time there and it really is so peaceful.
    I have no doubt that your talk will be awesome and inspirational just like you!

    Love to you,


  4. wow Chrissy...WOW! that is all so true what you said. You have attracted this engagement to speak about contentment into your life because of your wonderful spirit and outlook. This is amazing! Do you realize that? Embrace the acknowlegment from this request and know that you embody what they desire to learn from you. This is absolutely amazing! So happy for you sweet pea! It is time for you to shine!

  5. lovely magical and true words from a beautiful heart brimming with love, abundance and peace. yes, peace. so much love to you

  6. dearest one who sits at the water's edge & is readying to speak to many (& has already begun),
    just last night we were up (a lot) with our 13 yr. old through the night with troubles he was having & i was already barely making it to lights out at 10.
    laundry is indeed piling & so is dust & debri
    & we have friends coming tomorrow (yikes) & (thank our lucky stars).
    all of our lists continue like this & continually.
    & then there is being seen in the marrow of the chaos. IN THE MARROW.
    just THOSE WORDS, because so beautiful,true & loving,..arrested & directed my sight back to all that's core, center, & lovely. they've invited me back into contentment.
    of course it is you who has been asked
    to speak on such things.
    of course it is you sitting at
    the water's edge, at the edge
    of gorgeous possibility
    along with the starfish.
    it is here
    i tap your shoulder
    & give your continually
    teaching being
    a hug.

  7. Exciting; love the photo! I know you will be great; can't wait to hear more details about this event! You will be inspirational; they chose
    you because they saw contentment in you!!!
    Be you!!!

  8. I love reading your posts - they're always so lovely. This one is especially wonderful - very inspiring :) and good luck at the conference, you are going to be great!!

  9. i love love love this post, Chrissy. and that picture of you on the beach is just perfect. i think you are the perfect person to speak at that conference. when you and i first met online, you struck me as someone who was completely happy in her own skin. you exude contentment. THAT's why they asked you and that's why you are perfect for it. when i finally had the gift of meeting you in person at Artful Journey, i saw first hand what a wonderful spirit you are. YOU are the blessing, my sweet friend. :-)

  10. btw, i posted a heart on my blog today. i know how you love hearts. :-)

  11. that was beautiful Chrissy. THank you for teaching me contentment. Thank you for teaching me to be happy and finding peace amidst the chaos.

  12. How wonderful that you get to share your concept of contentment with other women. I loved this post and needed it today. Thank you so much, it was beautiful.

  13. So beautifully written and so beautifully pure from a sweet soul. I could feel your contentment as well as sincerity in these wonderful words. YOU are the perfect choice for speaking about contentment, and we are the lucky ones who get to learn and love from you, dear wonderful, contented wise woman, Ms. Crissy!!!

  14. Chrissy! what a sweet post! I loved what you wrote on my blog about Arizona. I agree, when I go again, I will not miss meeting you :) Much love to you!

  15. awww... that photo takes me back to Manzanita. i love that town. and i love you.

  16. beautiful photo featuring beautiful you.......creating a beautiful world of contentment around you! you have the most fabulous way of expressing yourself, sweet girl and kindred spirit in chocolate.....i am so thankful for you, and i truly recognize the blessing it is to know you! and i KNOW that everyone who hears you speak at the conference will feel the same way! have a happy and content weekend, sweetness! xox, :))))

  17. hello chrissy, i've been wanting to stop by and i did so just in time to be reminded that contentment is an inside job.

    i have this quote on my refrig.

    the sisterhood is the best place to be.


  18. So lovely Chrissy, I will be back to visit this post, there are times ahead when I will need it. Such a relief to know that the troubles don't have to disappear in order to have contentment, I don't think I ever realized that before. So thank you!

  19. Chrissy ~ This is so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could be there to watch you speak in person. I love you!! Sending you a great big hug.

  20. Awesome woman! What a gift your words are to all of us on this journey. Well said my dear. I think you are the perfect spirit to speak at the women's conference! You are a shining light!

  21. The energy and LOVE you exude is palpable. Your very presence at this conference will be like the beautiful morning sun shining on their cheeks...Your ability for open your heart and share it with others is simple beautiful Chrissy. I am so happy that you are within my circle of contentment...xo

  22. "it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart."

    I love this. I need to read it daily.

    The people at the conference are so lucky to have the opportunity to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!


  23. so beautifully said Chrissy - and i've read it now more than once! thanks for visiting my blog the other day, what a nice surprise new friend - i now have another example of a strong woman who is full of life and living this journey. it truly is the inspiration that i have found through women in this big ole blog world, and the retreats, that helps me to answer yes! to who i am, and to know that this peace i have in my heart is the contentment that you speak of.
    i hope that when you DO make it to Artfest - that i will be there too and get to meet you!

  24. I'm so glad that many women will get to hear you and be encouraged by you. God has given you a delightful gift of spirit and heart and I'm sure He's tickled that you are willing to pour it out so generously. I have been so uplifted by your sweet BEING and I miss your face!

    P.s. am working on hubby to make some jewelry. I'll let you know when I've slowed him down long enough!! I won't forget ya.

  25. Dear Chrissy,
    I have read this post about 5 times..it makes me happy to know I that we have people like you on this earth and the fact that I got to meet you in an added bonus.....love you

  26. YES!!!! You said it all!! Love, Silke

  27. Beautiful post Chrissy! I've been having one of those weeks where everything feels like I'm not doing it right. Thank you for this lovely reminder that we are still strong and powerful even in our moments of doubt. I think peace and contentment always live in our hearts; it's just that we forget to slow down, get quiet and listen.

  28. oh chrissy, i love all of your thoughts on contentment. i wish i were in your area to attend the conference. i desperately need a real live empowering event like that where i can reach out and physically hug people instead of cyber huggging ;-P

    in yoga class we sometimes do this mantra where we are sitting and hugging ourselves as we sing slowly and sweetly: "i am peace, peace is in me." it always makes me cry, in a lovely touching way. this post made me think of it :)

    love you chrissy, you are special and exude contentment!

  29. i am so excited about this opportunity for you!! oh how i wish i could be there too. when you walk in a room, the room is suddenly a brighter place. you are magnetic!!! they picked the most amazing person to speak to a group of women. they will adore you! and i wish i could see the look on their faces when that room full of women absolutely fall head over heels in love with you. you exude joy and it shows. can't wait to hear about it. love, love you!!!

  30. Yes yes yes!
    Your blog post is amazing,
    you will be amazing,
    you already are amazing!

  31. Wow, they're so lucky to have you come and share! And this writing is just beautiful -- it's included in my journal now.

    Thank you for the light she shine on everyone. I'm so glad other people are getting to enjoy the shining also.

    Love, Lori


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