October 31, 2011

yes...i am alive!

"greetings from utah"

over the past 5 months...i've wondered if i would ever make it back to this place.  
it has been a very twisted and long summer my friends.
our family waited for over 5 months to buy a short sale home,
 that fell through in the end.
needless to mention, 99% of our belongings were in storage until 2 weeks ago.
it was a loooooooong summer of camping out on blowup mattresses.
1 chair to split between 7 people (and the dog).
a card table. 1 bathroom for all 5 of my children. (yikes!)
plastic plates and cups and forks from wal.mart.
mean neighbors.
long commutes from where we "lived" to where we "played".
new schools.  grumpy secretaries.  no friends.
and on and on and on.


there were so many blessings that have come our way.
so many adventures.
so many answered prayers.
a lot of learning and togetherness and compromise.
now we have a new home.
lots of boxes to unpack,
furniture to sit on and beds with which to lay our weary heads on at night.
real dishes and do-dads to decorate our new space.
and our computer!!!  YAY!

i have missed all my sweet friends and have so much to catch up on,
both here and in your own little worlds.

i look forward to my re-entry into this world of
all that is good in life.

so fill me in...what's been going on in your corner of the world?