August 31, 2010

flower power to the rescue...

i have a favorite pair of jeans. worn and washed them so many times now, they fit like butter.
like a second skin.
they are my go-to when i want to be comfy, like some reach for a pair of p.j's,
or a favorite sweater or pink fluffy pig slippers with ears.
what.s a girl to do when those bare worn threads at last break free 
and cause a most undesirable crater?
this was the question from my micah who is 10.
here.s an easy fix we tried
take a strip of fabric.  
{ours was about 2 in. wide and 12 inches long}
stick it under your needle and start twisting the strip on top of itself in a circle as you sew haphazardly everywhere around it.  just go crazy. 
 {i have a darning foot but you could use any foot.}  
here is the finished product. rhyme or reason to the stitches.
cut 2 leaf shapes from fabric and hand stitch them right onto the jeans.
take  your very imperfect flower and hand stitch it over the 
grand canyon in your pants.
emotional comfort disaster avoided!

what brilliant ideas have you come up with lately?

cultivate cleverness!

August 28, 2010

aint that the truth...

yes it is!
{found painted in a tunnel to crystal cove}

cultivate a beautiful weekend my friends!

August 26, 2010

venice anyone?

i.m not sure why, but in all the years been to california i never went to
venice beach!!!
it is definitely something to behold my friends.
{keep your little ones close as i give you a petite tour}
(just for the record....i hate clowns)
{my family had a hard time dragging me away from these guys
they have some serious funky talent on those four wheels}
ya gotta love cali

cultivate culture

August 23, 2010

spelling it out...

defining happy
sandy little feet
exploring a world unknown
carefree days
building castles in the sand
getting dirty
being a kid
feeling the freedom
riding the perfect wave all the way in
suspending time before the tide rains down
priceless moments with freckled faces
doing nothing
watching my baby do nothing
{after a long day of lots of somethings}
blinking twice to realize my firstborn has become a young man
eternally grateful for these 70 toes in the sand

cul*ti*vate happy.
what is making you happy today?

August 21, 2010

...the gates of newport

"before you embark on any adventure,
you have to first open the gate."

{taken from one little walk down the boardwalk on newport beach, california}

what adventurous gate are you waiting to open?