October 30, 2010

back to regular programming...

i for the life of me can.t figure out where i found this.
if it.s yours....you rock.

happy scaries this weekend my little cul*ti*vators

October 27, 2010


hi.  i just wanted to thank you so much for being patient as i have s l o w l y processed my thoughts about brave girls camp.  
there was just way too much wonderfulness to pack it all into one post.  
plus, i know some of you secretly like to "pretend" you were there 
and the more details, the better the fantasy right?
one of the funny things about the blogging world is that usually we don.t get to see and hear "in person", the friends we.ve made out there.
...but today i am being brave. that.s right.  i.m a brave girl after all. 
below is my personal testimony of the magic of brave girls camp.
it.s the raw nuts and bolts of my heart and the love i have for the dream that melody and kathy have turned into a reality.
(is that what you thought i would sound like? why do you always sound dorkier than you think you do)

i meant it when i said i wished i could send 
all the women i love to brave girls camp.  but i unfortunately i can.t.
to see about sending yourself however...click here
because the word is spreading, the 2011 camps are almost all sold out.
BUT, don.t get discouraged beautiful girl...if you want to get your feel of bravery without a waiting list, this is your lucky day.  soul restoration is an online course that will be beginning january 11th.  i highly recommend you click here to read all about it.  you will love melody. love love love her!
and the last gift i want to share with you is this...
go here and sign up to receive the best little love notes ever.  full of truths about yourself that might have gotten lost while your house was dirty.

October 23, 2010

BRAVE GIRLS CAMP...part four or boots edition

let me just say from the beginning that i am a lover of boots.  all boots.
especially cowboy boots.  after my precious time in mc.call idaho,
i will never put on a pair of boots with the same perspective
 they grew
and grew
and grew
just like our friendships and our truths. 
from now on, when i slip on a pair of boots, i will always be 
"putting on my brave girl boots"

"the girl with the boots does not 
mind where she places her foot"

cul*ti*vate yourself some "brave girls boots"

October 21, 2010

BRAVE GIRLS CAMP...part three

this is the beautiful and talented kathy wilkins
this is beautiful kathy.s stage
this is her, dancing on her stage...
...and choreographing with daphne.
...and some of her stage hands, sweet mallory and wise therese.
...and her teacher...we lovingly call her grandma!
below, the art she created for us each day speaks volumes for itself...
my all time favorite piece of kathy art was the homemade creme brulee...
it was a sort of "hands on" art number
we each got to torch our own sugary little treat.
{how brave of us...right!}
it didn.t take any bravery at all to eat it all gone however and look for extras.
kathy.s art certainly gave us wings to soar each day!

in my opinion, one of the truest artful ways we knew we were loved at brave girls camp was through our tummies.   honestly.  i am not even kidding when i say that i have never eaten better food in my life...you guys are totally missing out on kathy.s brownies too, i ate them too fast to snap any pictures sorry.

the food alone is a good enough reason to sign up for 

you can read melody.s blog post about camp....here

cul*ti*vate good food to show love to those around you

October 18, 2010


what would be your ideal art room?
a place where you could escape into creation...
what would it look like?
what wonderful supplies would fill your special space
so that you could create anything your artful soul desired?
well friends, i lived  my dream last week
the women at brave girls camp are miracle workers i tell ya.
honestly....i never thought a garage, um i mean an "art room", could look so beautiful! {and inviting.  and vibrant.  and inspiring. and. and. and.}
everywhere i turned there was something new to try.  some kind of product or idea i had never even seen or thought of before.  and it was all there just for us!
lately you may have read stories about how art heals...how it saves!
i truly believe this.
photo by jen osborn
the beautiful melody ross shared with us a personal story from her book of life.  a chapter where everything was turned upside down and inside out.
it left her doubting who she was.  what her purpose was.
it made her doubt the "truths" she had always believed in.
sound familiar?
every single woman at brave girls camp could relate to melody.s story in one way or another.  i have yet to meet a woman who has never had a negative thought cross her mind.  who hasn.t had a trial or a backward stumble in life... and with these setbacks come the "lies".
you can call them gremlins
or darkness
or satan
or negative talk from the universe
but lies they are.
melody taught each of us how to combat these "lies" with
through art, we were able to make tangible tools that we could take home with us to work on and to remind us that we should always focus on the truth.
whether it was a canvas
or a bracelet...
  a book full of truthful letters to ourselves...
a timeline of our lives...
a book for those "rough days"...
full of uplifting reminders...
 to be brave and in the face of adversity...
..."do it anyway"
every minute spent working in our art room was full of fun and creativity and positive energy.  i was surrounded by lovable, accepting, wise women...each delving into the truths about herself...in her own beautifully individual way.
saying over and over...
  say it with me....
"i am brave!"

cul*ti*vate the brave truths about yourself!