October 18, 2010


what would be your ideal art room?
a place where you could escape into creation...
what would it look like?
what wonderful supplies would fill your special space
so that you could create anything your artful soul desired?
well friends, i lived  my dream last week
the women at brave girls camp are miracle workers i tell ya.
honestly....i never thought a garage, um i mean an "art room", could look so beautiful! {and inviting.  and vibrant.  and inspiring. and. and. and.}
everywhere i turned there was something new to try.  some kind of product or idea i had never even seen or thought of before.  and it was all there just for us!
lately you may have read stories about how art heals...how it saves!
i truly believe this.
photo by jen osborn
the beautiful melody ross shared with us a personal story from her book of life.  a chapter where everything was turned upside down and inside out.
it left her doubting who she was.  what her purpose was.
it made her doubt the "truths" she had always believed in.
sound familiar?
every single woman at brave girls camp could relate to melody.s story in one way or another.  i have yet to meet a woman who has never had a negative thought cross her mind.  who hasn.t had a trial or a backward stumble in life... and with these setbacks come the "lies".
you can call them gremlins
or darkness
or satan
or negative talk from the universe
but lies they are.
melody taught each of us how to combat these "lies" with
through art, we were able to make tangible tools that we could take home with us to work on and to remind us that we should always focus on the truth.
whether it was a canvas
or a bracelet...
  a book full of truthful letters to ourselves...
a timeline of our lives...
a book for those "rough days"...
full of uplifting reminders...
 to be brave and in the face of adversity...
..."do it anyway"
every minute spent working in our art room was full of fun and creativity and positive energy.  i was surrounded by lovable, accepting, wise women...each delving into the truths about herself...in her own beautifully individual way.
saying over and over...
  say it with me....
"i am brave!"

cul*ti*vate the brave truths about yourself!


  1. oh my goodness.......that's no art room......that's brave-girl-art-heaven!!!! a place where truth has a voice.....a very loud voice!!! we all need a place like that (especially in our hearts!)! thank you, brave choco-girl, for sharing your brave experiences......and i'm loving that "gardner" book......!
    xoxox, :))
    p.s. sent you an e-mail.....your name was selected as one of the winners of my giveaway!!! send me your addy and i'll get your goodies in the mail......woo hoo!!! xoxox

  2. i'm just now catching up on your amazing "camping" trip - congratulations on going to such a beautiful camp and continuing to honor your Artist Self, Missy Chrissy!! what beautiful things you created =-)

  3. Love love your post girlie... it truly was magical... trying to cultivate some of those same feelings in my every day life... xooxo MWAH! Thks for visiting my blog Chrissy!

  4. Chrissy what a beautiful post.
    It all looks so amazing and your work is wonderful.
    I am so happy that you were able to join in with these women and experience such a wonderful time and come out with such a positive effect.
    I think you are amazing and I love that you are sharing this sweet time that you experienced.

    Take care beautiful girl... I am thinking of you!

  5. That is SO beautiful! Love your words, love your photos! LOVE that I AM BRAVE metal plate that I couldn't find in the art room but found on Amazon! tee hee

    Have a beautiful day girlie, miss your blazing smile!


  6. WOW. How amazing to experience this! I think a brave girl's camp should be a mandatory life experience for women -- once as a teenager and at least once more in life. It seems like wonderful things would come of that. So happy for you that you got to attend!

  7. This really reminds me how important it is to surround ourselves with people and things that inspire us and make us feel good, worthwhile and brave. Thanks sweet Chrissy for going on this journey and then for sharing it with us. xxx

  8. There's such strength in numbers!! Especially when we can put down the masks, and the pretending and be WHO we are meant to be. I think with art....there is so much more to help us COMMUNICATE our truth....we don't need to pretend.....and that authenticity is so engaging! Looks like a lot of fun!!

  9. Oh wow...I want to do this. What an amazing, beautiful experience! I am a little envious!

  10. pure bliss that's what that room looks like to me (i have a weakness for twinkle lights) : )

  11. LOVE this post Chrissy! You made me feel like i was back in that heavenly room-I still think the bus may have crashed and we all went to "OUR" heaven! Or was that just the fumes of Mod Podge talking-hahaha
    Thank you for this wonderful post and bringing it right back to me! Did you order your Chip board kit yet? I have a feeling you did! :) Love you sweet sister XO

  12. oh how i adore each image ..thank you for taking me to the art room for fun and encouragement!!

  13. Chrissy - WOW this just looks and sounds like absolute HEAVEN... loved reading this post and I hope I get to experience something like this one day!! totally inspiring, thank you for sharing! :)

  14. Wow, sounds like this was an amazing experience, just looking at the pictures makes me want to go and create NOW! I do create a lot on my computer too, working on layouts for the magazine. It is fun and i like it - but it has to be balanced by real art, which is done with my hands. I CRAVE to get on with my paintings and will very soon! Have a fab week Chrissy, i love your blog!

  15. Such soul-stirring goodness with rooted thoughts and ideas...I'm so happy for everyone who experienced this gathering.

  16. oh wow...it looks so wonderful and what an art room that is...i hope one day to attend a camp...such loveliness! Thanks for sharing those peeks!

  17. After reading this delicious post full of love and laughter and art and cool women gathered for a life changing experience, I now feel brave! Your enthusiasm shines, dahling, and you're spreading it around for us to absorb :)

  18. sweetheart,
    reach out your hands
    because i am
    grasping them
    w/light from mn
    & dancing with you
    along the twinkle lights
    & colorful balls
    hanging from the ceiling...
    all the colors
    popping below
    & brave women
    & love
    are beautiful
    & i soooo
    celebrate w/you
    that you got
    to be here...
    & now may it
    carry you
    forever & ever
    yeses & power
    & strength
    & secret joy.
    love you & am
    missing you already.

  19. what a lovely way to remind yourself!

    i love the look of all the supplies. i think if i had that many on a regular basis, i would be overwhelmed but at an event? wheeeeeeee!

  20. Oh my oh my. Let me in!! Looks like such fun as well as really precious time. So good you made this time for yourself lovely Chrissy

  21. Oh my, that room did look like an art-supply junkies' paradise! But I can see that the sweet relationships and comaradie and encouragement had to be the most valuable thing you got back!

  22. I think I may have said it before, but I gotta say it again...It looks magical Chrissy! I'm drooling at the overflowing art supplies. I wanna play in that art room. So happy for you my sister friend!

  23. what an incredible exprerience...and that art room, total heaven! Wow. I can't wait to hear more about this incredible event in your life. Love you!!

  24. can i just say...heaven on earth! wow, how much fun:)
    that would make me happy for a long time!

  25. Dear Sweet Brave Girl.....

    What a complete delight you are. You said it all brave girl camp was the best of the best ever! The story of your week was beautifully told the photos were so inspiring bringing back oh so many happy thoughts. So happy to have you as my brave girl sister you are the best!!!!
    Hugging you!

  26. So POWERFUL, so TRUE, so HEALING! I LOVE It ALL! I especially like: "This book belongs to a BRAVE girl". Thank-you so much for sharing it in such a poetic way! xo

  27. there are no words...simply STUNNING!


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