October 3, 2010

an anniversary of gratitude...

6 years ago today, my dear sweet mom took her last breath.
it was a surprise to all who knew and loved her.
carolyn ann spurrier  early 1960's
in the days between her passing and her funeral, 
i flew to utah to be by my heartbroken dad.s side.
they were high school sweethearts right up till the very end.
october is always a beautiful time in utah.  
the changing leaves make the mountains look like they are on fire 
and the air is crisp, the evenings cool.
together my dad and i harvested my moms pumpkins from her garden
and set them up on her front porch with hay bales and scarecrows...
just like she would have done.
it was such a tender experience to participate in with my dad.
my mom was thee queen of holidays.
she loved them.  every single one. 
she decorated to the hilt. 
and always made sure that family & friends fully participated in the fun.
she could throw a mean party that amazing woman could.
she had such a funny sense of humor too.
for example...
every year she was the easter bunny the whole day, even while she baked.
check out her fluffy tail...she cracks me up.
you gotta love a lady who rolls through holidays with such reckless abandon.
my mom carried this wonderful attribute into her daily life...
with everything she did.  every word she spoke.  every life she touched.  
i am grateful from the top of my head to the tips of my toes to be her daughter.
her only daughter.
i am grateful once again, to be in beautiful utah
with my dad on this anniversary.
as i am getting stronger year by year, i have decided to place a focus on this day.
today, amidst so many other tender blessings she brought to my life...
i am especially grateful that she taught me how to play.
how to enjoy life.
how to grab the hands of others around me ,
and bring them into the celebration of this existence. 
how to smile that contagious smile 
through every little tinsy tiny step of the journey.

thank you mom!
i miss you!

cul*ti*vate a playful attitude for life.


  1. Thinking of you my friend. Lovely post and such a sweet pic of you and your dad. Your mom sounds awesome! Much Love to you and I can't wait to hear all above your brave girl experience coming up.

  2. ~chrissy...much l♥ve to you this day and always...

    "smile that contagious smile"

    seeing her smile made me want to smile...beautiful was she chrissy in all that she was and gave...for you...you are leading in her steps as you give such to us and all those around you...her gifts have been bestowed upon you as you are a bright light shining along side her...such a precious tribute to your mama...and the time you have been spent with your father...priceless...gone but never forgotten...the only way we can remember and honor those we have lost...always relive those happy memories you have and keep yourself open to feeling her l♥ve within you...peace and warm wishes with you and yours~

  3. loving you so much my sweet friend.

    i realize i didn't know your mom....
    but i feel like i do through knowing you,
    having you as one of my closest friends, watching the light that emanates from you and through you.

    you, my dear heart, are one of a kind....a mama's most precious treasure.

    holding you close in my heart today until i can give you a great big squeeze on tuesday.


    ps....this time you have with your dad is such a precious time....i love that you are together, carrying out tradition, holding each other's hands!


  4. my hand is
    so happily grabbed
    in celebrating
    this existence!
    i offer my other
    up into
    the mysterious
    to touch your dear mom
    with a
    thank you
    & bless you
    & to tell her
    "i love your
    chrissy sooo
    much love
    to you today,
    & completely.

  5. Wow!! What a nice post! Your mom had a BEAUTIFUL smile, she obviously enjoyed life and what a blessing that is to have a person like that in your life (even thought it wasn't as long as you would've liked). Bless you and your family at this time.

  6. what a tribute to a great lady! she is smiling at you today and holding you and your dad so close. blessings and love to you, sweet chrissy

  7. chrissy it is so beautiful how you speak about your mom hear. i know I never met her but I you words am images weave together a beautiful story about her.

    Sending you my love.

  8. HUgs...beautiful post and wonderful tribute your beautiful mom!

  9. I am thinking of you Chrissy.
    If you feel little tingles it is just the love bumping into you that I am sending up your way
    What a wonderful mum she was.
    Katherine x

  10. what a sweet and heartfelt post, dear Chrissy! She sounds like she was a joy-filled woman and you definitely have her brilliant smile. Love, Silke

  11. chrissy, i'm loving how you are celebrating your mom's life and the impact she has on you even today. i love her smile and the twinkle in her eyes, something else she gave to you.
    loving you so much pretty lady!

  12. What a lovely post. I really enjoyed the photos too. Your mother looked like she really loved life. I'm glad you are able to spend such wonderful bonding and supportive moments with you dad.

  13. what a beautiful woman of such fun and happy smiles..a blessing ..thank you for this happy tribute..i miss mine too..it is a tender ache isnt it...

  14. What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. I love that you a your Dad still honor and do the things she loved. Many blessings to you today dear lady. I think you are much like your Mom.

  15. You have an amazing way of honoring your ancestors Chrissy! It's clear that your mother has been such a positive driving force in your life, even today - her spirit lives in your memories and your actions as you pass along her traditions to your own family and to your friends by sharing these memories with all of us =-)

  16. Sending you a big hug Chrissy! This is a lovey post from the heart! You weaved your words together so beautifully to share her story! I can see the love you shared pouring through....

    What a wonderful way to honor her! I am sure she is smiling down on you with much pride! :)

  17. how heartbreaking it must have been to lose her...and how wonderful it is that you have such good memories of her. xo

  18. awwhhh.. Chrissy what a lovely tribute to your beloved mom. It is really beautiful. Just like you.

  19. what a beautiful, touching post. It means even more to me right now as I have just spent the last 3 days with my mom (who I don't see much) and I lost my dad in high school. You post made me feel grateful too. And my goodness- your mom was absolutely beautiful- she looks so charming and fun. Much love to you...

  20. Chrissy -

    what a touching tribute to you sweet momma. i may never have known her but i know the sweet, kind, most-beautiful-person-inside-and-out that she raised and can see the light she carried through you. keep these memories going and she will always be there.

    love you so much!

  21. thinking of you and your dad, chrissy, and sending big big hugs! and now after reading more about your mom, i'm even more certain that they've found each other! they sound so much alike. my mom was the queen of holidays too! every single one, from the smallest to the biggest was made extra special. she still even made me an Easter basket courtesy of the Easter bunny, until the day she died. funny how all those memories stick with you. i miss my mom most on my birthday, because no one cares as much about your birthday as your mama. love you sweet chrissy! celebrate that sweet mama.

  22. I am thinking of you - and sending you love. Your description of your mother made me think of the wonderful qualities that you possess. Clearly a part of her lives on inside of you.


  23. You share both the qualities of Mom n' Dad! I love the story of how they were hschool sweethearts~ A wonderful tribute to share with your Dad, to honor your Mom~ It is so heart warming to hear how you both hold her precious memories close! She sounds like an amazing soul that touched many lives~ Your words echo her memory, as you share with us! xXx
    enJOY your DAD~

  24. you obviously have much of her in you beautiful!


  25. Chrissy,
    Your mom was so precious. I adore her energy, and her soft cotton heart. I am so glad to hear about what she was like, and see her joyful contagious smile (it has most certainly passed on to you!) I feel like I know her. She is such an angel. My thoughts and energy go out to you.

    So much Love,

  26. What a beautiful reflection of your mother and the imprint that she made on your life. She sounds like a very interesting person that I would have love to have met. You certainly are carrying forward her enthusiasm and zest for life and we are so blessed that you share it with us here through your blog!!


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