September 28, 2010

just around the corner...

in one week from today i will be flying into boise, idaho
we are all going to brave girls camp together.
you really should go and read all about what melody ross and kathy wilkins
have cooked up, in the beautiful mountains of mccall idaho.
jenny doh and suzi blu sang their praises of this intimate event)
i am so excited to go breath that cool, crisp mountain air.
to find that brave girl i know is inside me.
to reunite with beautiful souls and sew new amazing spirits
 into this life tapestry that i am weaving.

i am so ready to go and just...
what do you have around the corner that you are looking forward to?

cul*ti*vate exciting anticipation


  1. Oh, you lucky girl!! You'll have so much fun!! Well, I am looking forward to actually get back into my routine here. I've had so much excitement lately that not going anywhere and just being sounds wonderful!! Have a most magical time! Love, Silke

  2. Chrissy...
    You Lucky Lucky Gal going to Brave Girl camp!!! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Life on earth is truly different without our mothers... It's like learning to walk again, on our own. I will be thinking of you Oct 3rd!!! I am glad you will be with all the Brave Girls during that time!!!

    Enjoy Camp! xox - Kim

  3. Good for you! I think Andrea from AAJ went to this also.

    I have regular life right around the corner. As I am readjusting things after Squam, it is good to practice some of the lessons and inspiration learned. And then An Artful Journey in Feb.

    Have a fabulous time!!


  4. I know you 3 will have a great time! I can't wait to hear about your adventures!!

  5. oh you ladies will have the best time full of giggles and craft! have fun!

  6. What an awesome thing to do!! I can't wait to read all about the fun and growing you experienced.

  7. i CANNOT wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a somesault for good measure
    and a failed attempt at the splits!!!

    one week my dearest sweetest friend!!
    one week!!!!!!

    i love you

  8. I am so excited for you!!! I've heard wonderful things about this place and I can't wait to hear about the fabulous, transformative, brave girl time you had!!! Yay!

  9. Chrissy I am so happy for you!! Sounds like it will be wonderful! What a sweet pictures of you girls!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I always enjoy your visits! xo

  10. I am looking forward to meeting you! You will truly have one of the best experiences of your life!!

  11. Ooooooo looks like a fabulous time. We MISSED you SOOOO much at Squam, but this is your own adventure with your gals too, cant wait to hear all about it honey. Love you, go fourth and be brave and wonderful (if its at all possible to be more brave and wonderful than you already are). xxx

  12. First of all, I am so adoring this sweet pic of the 3 of you. I can just feel your excitment right through my little computer!! I know it is going to be absolutley amazing and cannot wait to hear about every detail!!!
    I am busy packing my bags for Michigan for a long-overdue class reunion, and some family time to be closely followed by my own litte retreat up in the mountains. Life is good!!

  13. I am supposed to be cleaning my house but I needed a Chrissy break!

    This sounds so fun.
    I know that you will be a beautiful light to all the sweet women around you.
    I hope you will have an amazing time with your cutie frends - I can't wait to hear all the fun details :-)

  14. fantastic! have a wonderful, wonderful time!

  15. I am with you... I cannot wait to meet you next week!!! big hugs xoxoxooxoxx

  16. I am so excited for you beautiful ladies. I can not wait to hear all about it when you get back. I def have to attend this one day, it looks incredible. I will be thinking of you ladies! I am looking forward to squam by the sea. I cannot wait to be surrounded by love and listening to the sound of the ocean.

    Sending you a great big hug my dear scarf sister.

  17. ok..i'm still giggling about kolleen's splits!
    how super-fun that you are going &&& going together! i look forward to seeing your posts about this tremendous adventure & to hear about all the brave bubblings rising up in you!
    la-ha-hove you! xox

  18. This is on my wish list of events to do "one" day! So cool you get to come to my town and play in a very beautiful part of Idaho! What a blast you will have! Sending you prayers for a safe flight!

  19. Oh man! I know you are going to have an awesome time. Hope you have a good coat. Have fun!

  20. I hope you have a magical time as you peel back the layers of your soul and let the Brave girl out! The place alone sounds so calming, peaceful and thought provoking~ enJOY and BElieve!xXx

  21. Oh my gosh, how fun! You're gonna have an amazing time. Wishing you lots of love and a safe journey with your brave creative sisters!
    Love you,

  22. You are going to have such an amazing time. Wish I could be there too.

    I am looking forward to Blogtoberfest, my annual blogging festival, starting on Friday. And to finding a new home, and getting a new job, and not feeling like I'm living in the waiting place anymore.

  23. Have a wonderful time on this adventure!

  24. how very FABULOUS is this! I am looking forward to getting to see my hubby again in November for a few weeks. Going back to Germany after some time back home has given me an appreciation for how much creative growth I was able to do while away. Looking foRward to visiting with NEW APPRECIATIVE EYES...

  25. Chrissy, I'm SO EXCITED for you! I would so love to go to Brave Girls Camp some time. Can't want to hear all about it.

  26. Holy Cow Chrissy! This picture just makes me giddy thinking about being together again. I still need to get a copy of this pic.


    lovin' you like bread loves butter

  27. Wonderful...have fun! Your "Be" piece reminds me of Chinese writing.

  28. Have SUCH a wonderful time with your beautiful brave girl selves! Ohhhh it's so exciting! And 20 days till I meet you two beauties! :)

  29. Hello, lovely new friend...mountain air..forgot about that! What an incredible time we're all going to have...

  30. Sounds like good times are ahead - awww, mountain air - send me a big gulp of it! It seems like some of your bloggy friends will be going, so this will be FUN! And looking forward to something nice is almost as good! I'll be working on the finishing line of the magazine next week and then have a BREAK and paint! I do look forward to that. Have a fab weekend! xx

  31. HAve FUN!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm looking forward to a book reading tonight that will inspire me to finish my book...and an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's ART Party on Sunday at a local Gallery! Many fun things to look forward to this weekend. LOVE you!

  32. You lucky girl. I know you will have a wonderful time - and how fantastic that you and Kolleen and Serena will be there together!



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