September 20, 2010

quitting is not an option here...

have you ever reached one of those milestones in your life,
the kind that you think you might never reach?
and when you look back on the journey that brought you to that place,
you think...
"man that was really really hard!"
"i never thought i would get here!"
"i didn.t think i could do it!"
"i almost quit so many times."
as you are standing on the top of the hill looking back on the 
difficult road just worked so incredibly hard to climb,
you think...
i am so happy that i didn.t quit!
and it.s those very words that speak peace to your heart
they convince you of the truth that 
you can do hard things!
and they hold your hand the next time something 
"seemingly impossible" creeps into your life.
they whisper...

{happy 16th baby!}

cul*ti*vate fortitude


  1. Great post, happy anniversary to you both x

  2. it's amazing how the years stack up like teacups? congrats on holding it all together and may this be a fabulous year for you both : )

  3. sweet and darling. congrats on making it 16 years. it only gets better from here:-) 25 years and counting!

  4. Congrats!!! What a beautiful post!

    22 years for us. Over half my life!

  5. Thanks again for the inspiring words. You guys are pretty incredible. Thanks for being such great lifelong friends.

  6. Amen to that! Awesome Chrissy! I needed to hear this today. Love to you and your family and wishing many more years together. :)


  7. Happy Anniversary and may you have 16 times 16 more!!

  8. Congrats on reaching 16...and many more I'm sure. Anything is possible when you have the right ones by your side.

  9. congrats to you and yours! we just celebrated ours 15th this past year and i have thought the same thoughts at times. so thankful that i have stuck it out though.

  10. a great reminder..happy NEW 16 YEAR OLD!

  11. beautiful post chrissy.
    congratulations on your 16th. don't EVER quit. it only gets better and better and there is nothing better in this sweet life than sticking it out with the one you love most.

  12. Congrats Chrissy! This is a beautiful post! I love the shadow picture! Your sentiment in this post is very inspiring! I wish you both many more years of good health, happiness, and much love!

    Thanks for you oh so sweet comment yesterday on my blog!! :)


  13. Congrats to you both! I wonderful; I love your photos! Thanks for sharing this with us! Cheers to many more years, together! Happy Anniversay~

  14. Happy anniversary! I missed you in Squam, we brought you up several times, so you were there in spirit. Did you feel it? ;)


  15. happy happy 16 sweet friend of mine!

    "don't ever quit"

    i love you

  16. Happy anniversary! My hubby and I had our 15 this spring and a few years ago it was really rough. Almost to the point where I could see it ending. But then I realized that when I think of the end of my days, seeing our kids and grandkids grown there was no one else on this earth I'd like to have next to me than him. That was the turning point for me.

  17. Oh Chrissy...this post spoke to me in the BIGGEST way... Thank-you for continuing to enlighten us with your bright light and big heart. xo

  18. Gorgeous post, Chrissy! Happy Anniversary :))

  19. Chrissy, oh how we missed seeing you and having your kind and amazing self there in person, but yes you were with us in spirit. Happy Anniversary and what a great post for us all. xxx

  20. i love this. my friend and i were just talking about this very subject today. you are right, sometimes it may not be the easiest, but it is a true blessing to look back and see that you are now stronger together. Happy Anniversary, hope its wonderful!

  21. so happy for you! he's one lucky guy to have such a stinkin' cute wife!
    love ya!

  22. i got a squeeze for the both of you!!!!

  23. such beautiful words Chrissy... congratulations and I hope you enjoyed celebrating such a special milestone!

  24. Many congratulations to both of you! Love the hand holding shadow photo. Full of love.


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