May 30, 2011

a goodbye....of sorts.

i have written and re-written this post 100 times in my head.
and do you think i can remember one bit of how i intended to say
what i want to say to you guys?   no!
so i.ll just say it.
this past week was busy busy busy.
i was going to write a list ( i love lists) of everything i had to do
so you all would understand WHY i haven't been so attentive to this blog
or in visiting your own blogs that i love so much.
i realized that this is life.  i am no more busy than the rest of you.
perhaps i am going through different life situations...
last week of school for 5 kiddos, a middle school promotion (above)
a highschool graduation,
picking up my dad from the airport and trying to entertain his sweet heart
while packing up our entire house for 2 days, then taking the next two days to load the biggest moving van i have ever seen.  watching that truck drive away with our life inside was a tear jerker.

helping my children to say goodbye to a place they have called home for more than 14 years has been one of the hardest jobs i have had to do as a mom. 
goodbyes are hard for me.
i don't like them.
thats why THIS particular post is a hard one for me to write.
i am saying goodbye.
(thankfully for me...NOT FOR GOOD)
but i will be taking a blog break for the summer.
i decided i need to put my entire focus on finding a new nest in utah.
on helping my children to build new wings that will need to withstand some growing pains and some cold days.  i need to strengthen my own wings as well.
please know that i will be out there checking in on all of lovely friends.
i have made SO many amazing connections through this silly old blog of mine.
i may even post a photo or two when i just can't stand not sharing my world around me with you all. 
 so this is one of the last things i need to pack up.  my computer.  
i made the movers leave it on the carpet so i could wait until 
the final moment to write my farewells.  

and this is me.  little chrissy.
giving you a cheesy smile as i turn off my computer for the last time for a few weeks.
please know that i love you.
please know that i cherish your friendship.
please know that i will return again soon...refreshed and refocused
and hopefully re-nested.

don't forget to 
all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

i.ll be out there checking up on you to make sure you are keeping up with your assignment.

all my love,

p.s. i get email on my phone and would love nothing more than to hear from you.

don't hesitate to share all the cultivating!  

May 23, 2011

Safe Place All Can Embark...SPACE

10 women from around the country {and three in our hearts}
 gathered in sedona, arizona recently.
it was the dream of 3 girls to provide a SPACE where some hearts could reunite
and some hearts could merge for the first time.
the love explosion that occurred was priceless.
we broke bread together.
we created together.
we learned from one another.
we enjoyed the amazing beauty that surrounded us...together.
but most of all..we just loved one another.

i HIGHLY suggest you...
cultivate a SPACE where you can gather together souls you love and adore

and to these women...
i adore you!!!!

May 18, 2011

sometimes i forget to brace myself...

coming down from floating in the clouds this week.

 sometimes the landing is harder than i expect.

simmering the memories.

i.ll share soon.