January 25, 2012

the 3rd annual HEART and SEEK...

so if you have followed my blog for at least a year or so, 
you may know that i LOVE HEARTS!!!
for the past two years i have had a little tradition 
that i have really enjoyed doing 
and i want to continue it again this year.

 i am happy to bring you... 
"the 3rd annual HEART and SEEK"
starting on february 1st, 2012

what is this you say?

well you can read about last years adventure HERE 
or the very first "heart and seek" HERE

in the beginning...i proposed that there were WAY more HEARTS hiding out there in our everyday lives that we don't realize or take the time to notice and i thought it would be fun to have a 14 day HEART scavenger hunt.  what i found was that all my friends out in blog land found the most AMAZING HEARTS ever.  i mean some of these HEART surprises were astounding!!!
my friend lisa towery 
had to snap this HEART quickly before it faded away.
how awesome is this!!!
or like this cool HEART discovery
nestled in a rock, captured by my friend patti waite!!!
it might be as easy as being more aware of those orange peels 
lying on your table at lunch.
HEARTS hide everywhere...you just need to open your eyes 
and your mind to them.

i'll share my discoveries with you each day right here.
and if you would like to play along...i'd LOVE you to do so.
just include a comment with a link to your photo
or email me HERE.


{see you on feb. 1st}

January 16, 2012

love. love. love.

hello lovlies...
if you've followed my blog for any amount of time, 
you know that i love me some margie romney-aslett.
she is just one of the most creative friends i have.
i've shared with you her "SPARK THE EVENT"
which she puts on every fall.
and i shared HERE about her "SPARK YOUR CHRISTMAS"
well, miss margie is at it again with some really fun
ideas for valentines.  valentines is the one holiday that i hardly have any decorations for and so i am thrilled that margie is going to share with us how to SPARK up our homes for this holiday of LOVE!!!
look at that backdrop of book paper she made for her set?  to die for!!!
this new online class is called
love love love
and i have no doubt we are going to LOVE it!

class started today but never fear,
we can still sign up and watch her tutorials
for the next six months!!!
and the best part is that it's only $19.99
for 3 videos.  that's such a steal!

so visit margie HERE to read about the goodness
and sign yourselves up girlfriends!!!


January 9, 2012

More goodness....

happy monday friends...
i wanted to share another class that i think is going to be incredibly amazing.  it is an e-course taught by my sweet friend, jeanne oliver called

i shouldn't have waited so long to share this good news with you because today is the last day to sign up for the course, so RUN to JEANNE'S SITE AND REGISTER HERE
through mixed media, journal making, journal techniques, collage, leather, metal stamping, charcoal drawing, image transfers and so much more, jeanne is going to help us 

* accept the gifts we were given
* see how our perspective changes everything
* grow and "cultivate" our gifts
* let go

everything jeanne touches is golden and i mean "everything" so i have NO doubt this is going to be an amazing course that you won't want to miss!!

have a creative week!

January 5, 2012

Happy New Year Friends...

dear friends...
wow!  what a year 2011 was for me!
how about you?
i can safely say that i am happy to see it behind me and look forward to a fresh new start in 2012.
i am still working on my word of the year.
last year's word was 
and it was a perfect word for me!

i am excited about some new adventures i have in my head 
and a new direction with my art that i want to follow.
i am excited to grow and learn and cul*ti*vate 
with myself, my family and my friends this year.

there are some wonderful things swirling about right now 
and i wanted to share just a smidgen 
of what i am peeking at....with you!!!

i am super excited to see my sweet friend, Christy Tomlinson
teaming up with the talented Junelle Jacobson.
i have worked with christy on several adventures and 
i worked with junelle on
the 12 artsy ornaments of christmas.
together they are teaching a 3 week journaling workshop that should be full of fabulous ideas.

you can read more and sign up HERE

mindy lacefield is one of my favorite artists and friends.
i have been cheering her on since i first started this blog.
i am so excited that she is going to be teaching a workshop on how we can just "let go" and paint, rather than thinking about the details so much.  like we did when we were children!! love you mindy!!

you can read more and sign up HERE
(mindy is giving away a free class too, so hurry)

i love to find wonderful new supplies for my mixed media art and i am so thrilled to announce the launch of my dear friend rhonna farrer's new collection..."FOLLOW YOUR HEART!"
if there is ever someone i have met who follows her heart it's rhonna.  she is just a bundle of 
(that's a new word i just made up just for her!)
just check out this eye candy below!!!

can you say YUM.EEEEE.
i can hardly wait!!!!
this collection will be unveiled at CHA (the craft and hobby trade show) in a few weeks with MY MINDS EYE...
you can always buy the digital and printable add-ons of the this collection at RHONNA DESIGNS
go rhonna...i am so excited that we get to be 
the recipients of all your talents.  love you!

i am just touching the surface of all the goodness that is out there in the art and craft world right now.
i'll be back to share more soon.

in the meantime...what are your goals for the new year?
what excites you?  what do you have your heart set on?

share share share