January 9, 2012

More goodness....

happy monday friends...
i wanted to share another class that i think is going to be incredibly amazing.  it is an e-course taught by my sweet friend, jeanne oliver called

i shouldn't have waited so long to share this good news with you because today is the last day to sign up for the course, so RUN to JEANNE'S SITE AND REGISTER HERE
through mixed media, journal making, journal techniques, collage, leather, metal stamping, charcoal drawing, image transfers and so much more, jeanne is going to help us 

* accept the gifts we were given
* see how our perspective changes everything
* grow and "cultivate" our gifts
* let go

everything jeanne touches is golden and i mean "everything" so i have NO doubt this is going to be an amazing course that you won't want to miss!!

have a creative week!


  1. You are always so full of goodness!!!

  2. ~it looks as if it will be a class filled with creative wonders flowing about...wish i would have seen it earlier...maybe next time around...thank you for sharing...am off to take a peek! much love light and blessings~

  3. Happy creating sweet Chrissy - sounds so good!


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