February 27, 2010

...an artful journey {day 4}

you roll over in bed this morning marveling how it could already be sunday?
didn.t you just get here?
a huge breakfast, then straight to class.
as you are watching an early demo from kelly rae and mati, 
you see a ray of sunshine come through the door.
right there in the middle.  andrea scher.  superhero journal.  mondo beyondo.  
ben.s mom. (her best job i think)
has come up to spend the day.  you rush to give her a big hug.  
she was a vital part of your "be present" retreat in manzanita, oregon last fall.
she is lovely as always.  so present.  so very real.
mati rose, andrea and kelly rae...a triple scoop of your favorite people.
 mindy  from tims sally and danielle from le petite studio constantly make you smile ...
as you paint the afternoon away.
by the end of the day the books are assembled and adorned 
with ribbons, twine, old keys and rusty charms.
(this is miss danielle.s book)
the whole group from "an artful journey" gathers together to wrap it all up with a show & tell.
the level of talent present soars through the sky.  it speaks for itself.
albie smith.s class
d.j. pettitt.s class
lesley riley.s class
nina bagley.s class
see what i mean????  crazy, out of this world talent!!!
for one last time you stay up waaaaaaay too late with your new crazy friends.
tomorrow morning will be full of goodbyes....
it.s going to be hard to leave this "love journey"!

(tomorrow is the day for my family but come back on monday and we.ll finish our journey together)

February 26, 2010

...an artful journey {day 3}

it.s going to be a beeeeutiful (but big) day!  you ready?
this morning sounds of the old tea kettle hissing fill the cottage.
you bask in the tone of your darling british friend and roommate, louise, kindly inquiring 
"anyone interested in a cuppa tea are they?" perfectly priceless in her dreamy accent.
you sneak out the screen door into the foggy daybreak.  your heart content.
good morning sun.
 the fire gets stoked with a painting demo "mati rose style"
everyone around you is taking wicked mad notes...(beth)
then it.s back to your messy table to try your brush at it.
the super fun kelly rae leads the afternoon frenzy with a demo on how to paint faces.  
kelly rae style of course.                 
easy right!
ok.  maybe not so easy. yikes!
but you stay up late again tonight with all your new girlfriends and glue and paint and work 
and learn and laugh and grow.
i couldn.t have said it better myself mati.

February 25, 2010

...an artful journey {day 2}

{for those of you whose plane came in late, you can catch up on yesterdays post)

you awoke early today to the deep calm hooting of an owl.
while you slept, the earth was bathing.  still shaking itself off as you wander about.
after breakfast the creative explosion begins.
mati rose and kelly rae take center stage.
you learn an assortment of exciting ways to apply paint to paper and give it a go yourself.
                                                         monica                                                                     cathy
after lunch it.s on to collage.  cutting. ripping. stamping.  old papers. photos. tags. 
anything you can glue down is not safe in your wake.
your hands grow a new layer of skin 
(and you spend the rest of the night picking the gel medium off your fingers.) 
peggy and her darling daughter joli

after dinner you get to partake of (and spend a few bucks on) the talent 
oozing from the rest of the instructors on this journey.
lesley riley (above) dj pettitt.  nina bagley (don.t dare call her nee-na)
and albie smith.
you even find a few oddities you can.t help but take home with you. 
i mean who can pass up limbs for $1.00
the remainder of the evening is spent in the midst of laughter and budding friendships 
and of course creating until well into the wee hours of the morning....
it was... a perfect day!