February 9, 2010

...a 14 day observation...day 9!

i heart you people!
half way through this 14 day heart treasure hunt 
and you folks are still playing along with me!
this wonderful treasure comes from 
(she is one of my f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e. artists by the way)
it is from artist janeen koconis
you can read about her company here
as beth told me it.s a great reminder of "what really matters"
"love is at least 32 ounces"
i heart that!
(i say 44 but 32 is a good start)
the ever so sweet & talented
shares the b.e.s.t. hearts with me!
this yummy treat above was painted for her a few years ago 
by her hubby and two boys!
..and this was a rachel "heart drive-by sighting"...
perfect example of why you should always
have your camera attached to your body!
(i.m loving those windows!
we don.t have clever design like that in peoria, arizona)
isn.t nature amazing? a tree of love?
(people don.t actually carve their "devotion" into trees anymore right?)
this came to me via my creative free spirit friend gloria.
her dear friend, cathy schultz shared this with me.
she, by the way, is an expert heart observer...love it!
check her out!

and to answer rachel.s earlier question to me....
all of these hearts coming my way are filling me up with
big happy love!


  1. Hello hello, just popped by from elvie studio and am loving what I see here! Love that poem, would be a perfect reading at my up coming wedding so im will go check out her site. I have a little collection of hearts gathered here and there, i'll try to get a photo and play along with you.

  2. loving all the hearts...
    but loving the heart of the person behind this blog the absolute most!!!

    miss you so much! let's talk soon...like tomorrow???? i am laid up for a bit with my lovely little injury i bestowed upon myself!!

    love you bunches!!! sending hearts to you....


  3. Oooh, the tree heart is beautiful! Love it!

  4. I second Rachel's comment! I love this idea you had Chrissy - cheers me up every day!

  5. I ♥ this idea Chrissy!!! BLISS!

    I just saw your comment over on Lori's (elvie studio) blog. Kelly is headed out to California for a retreat this month. Such a small world. We are really excited about Art & Dreams Bound @ The Purple Cottage. I wish I was joining Kelly for the Artful Journey retreat!

    So glad I popped over here! These heart made my day!


  6. Chrissy, thanks so much for following my blog! Happy Wednesday!


  7. great collection of big love today chrissy!
    thanks for including janeen's work....i love the "32 ounce" as well (it's makes me think of a "big gulp" of love).

    ps: tried and survived bikram last night!


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