February 3, 2010

...a 14 day observation...day 3!

"my official 14 day heart observation egg"
(gotta use it while i can)

...this is serious fun, this heart treasure hunting business.
i.m getting hearts coming at me from all over the place and lovin it.

one of my "favorites" given to me by my 8 yr. old stockton luke

this one peeked out from under all the school papers today!

is this one of the most precious smiles you.ve ever seen in your whole life?
(great "heart" rock find too)
above and below treasures were found on the beach by my wonderful, sweet, talented, brave scarf sister...gloria and her darling children.
you can find her here at creating free spirit... love you gloria!

this wonderful pink goodness comes from my new friend
rachel awes at "all i did was listen"
give yourself a gift and head on over to her blog.
love her.  love her spirit.  love her presence.
thank you rachel!

this sweet girl is all about hearts.
heart wing sisters!
i.ve gushed about her before and i can promise you this won.t be the last.
kolleen and her girls found this at their beach home in carpinteria, california.

and just to show that i.m not biased,
 this heart came in from my hubby who thought he was being really clever to join in on the fun.
he works with real blood pumping hearts for a living.
(if you look closely you can see a pacemaker at the bottom of the x.ray which helps this oversized heart to keep beating.)

and there.s your science lesson for the day!

happy heart hunting!


  1. This was such a lovely idea Chrissy! I'm so pleased you liked mine. And yes, it is gum! Oh, and thanks in advance for the link! :) x

  2. I <3 ALL OF THESE <3'S!!!

    what a fun little hunt you have put all of us on!!!

    thank you for all your inspiration and encouragement - so blessed to have you as my sweet, sweet heartsister!!!

    hugs, loves and kisses


  3. & i too love all of these hearts & love my new cul*ti*vate friend chrissy! (& your fav above is indeed deardeardear!!). xo

  4. your hubby's addition is cracking me up. so perfectly literal.


  5. what great heart finds!!! but, i must admit that i'm with elizabeth on this one......your hubby-the-heart-man's photo is my favorite!! :)))

  6. Love, love, love these heart discoveries! Thanks for stopping by and always having a kind word to say, I really appreciate it! ♥ I am excited to get special postcards from the other bloggers that signed up for the swap. I love getting mail! Hope you had a lovely day. :)



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