February 10, 2010

...a 14 day observation...day 10!

hearts that make you hungry!
might just earn the prize for "best heart breakfast mom of the century"
she has some darn lucky kiddos!

and ok. . . i admit this is a rather "obvious"one
one of my very best diet*coke*aholic partners in crime shared this with me.
i was suppose to be in tucson, az. last weekend at the international gem fair with this exceptionally fine, praiseworthy friend and jewelry artist...
but alas my plans changed very last minute 
& i missed our annual buying extravaganza.  so very sad!
you can get updates on the trip and her latest creations at her new blog...

oh also from allison...not food, but ever so heart worthy...
don.t you agree?

& finally, i hate to admit this but my kids occasionally eat at wendy.s
yes.  yes.  i know!
but hey...a roadtrip is a roadtrip is a roadtrip and there aren't many healthy fast food eating establishments dotting the 639.95 mile trail from peoria arizona to holladay utah, so give me a break people.
and imagine how excited 8 yr. old stockton was to find that wendy.s was  playing along with my blog.s heart treasure hunt. so nice of them.
(shhh, don.t tell him otherwise!)

happy heart wednesday to you all!


  1. awww, thanks Chrissy! I'm a pretty lucky mom, there's nothing better than seeing the smile in your kids eyes when you lay a fluffy heart pancake on their plate! The coke can is making me thirsty, I could use a caffiene jolt right about now. Lovely jewelry on Ann's site!
    Happy Wednesday!


  2. oops, the fab jewely is from allison. i guess i really do need some caffiene. :)

  3. I am so honored to be part of your blog! What I should do is dig out the thousands of hearts you have sent me over the last 20+ years- and btw thanks for the diet coke addiction!

  4. well, you certainly know the way to my heart!! those pancakes are calling my name....pass the maple syrup, please.... :))

  5. i second Lori....those are perfectly shaped yummy scrumptious ready for me to eat pancakes!!! delish!

    i love your friend Allison's jewelry...so pretty!!!

    love you my dear friend and i can totally relate to the road trip stops at fast food joints....ya do what you gotta do!!

    love you so much!

  6. pitter patter for THAT pancake batter. yum!

  7. Oh wow that heart pancake..mmmm
    thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, sure you can use my heart photo!
    Glad you visited as I got to visit yours :0

  8. Love your blog Chrissy! I just posted my heart find on my blog tiffani-n-company.blogspt.com. Miss you and your wonderful creative spirit!

  9. so cute about your 8 year old's heart discovery. :)


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