February 15, 2010

...a thank you note "of sorts" to two gentlemen who like old stuff

dear mr. typewriter guy{s},
     (yes, there are two of you)
     typewriter guy number one, thank you for entering your 1967 john deere tractor in the festival at sahuaro ranch park on saturday.  because you did, i was able to be at the same place at the same time as you were.  pure luck on my part.  thank you also for eavesdropping on my conversation with typewriter guy number two.  because you did, you were able to hear that i was ever so saddened to learn that i did not win my silent bid for this beautiful baby below.
"tommy somebody" snuck in a bid on it for $2 more than mine while i was busy silently bidding on all the other wonderful old treasures...(example: the antique red hand cranked grain mill that i also lost)
(or this little beauty that finally went for $70 more than i bid)
but you, mr. typewriter tractor guy number one, heard my whoas, and came to the chivalric rescue.  thank you for sneaking in on the discussion and asking if i would be interested in a "underwood".  i said "yes" excitedly, but i have to admit to you now that i didn't have a clue what a "underwood" was.  it wasn't a lie really though....i was interested.  and now i know what a "underwood" is and i am so grateful to you for being so kind as to give me yours.  i don.t even care that the case is broken and you were going to throw it in the garbage like you thought i would.  also, please tell your dear ninety something irish mother, carol, who still lives alone, that her typewriter has a lovely home now.  it is being used and enjoyed and other than needing a new ribbon...works perfectly. see below.
thank you also for noticing that little "tommy somebody" didn't come to claim his winning bid on the woodstock at the end of the day and for noticing that "bob" typewriter guy number two, took it home with him and for calling bob and giving him my cell phone number and for telling him how badly i wanted to take mr. woodstock home with me.
thank you bob, typewriter friend number two, for seeing the excitement and wanton look in my eyes over the old woodstock typewriter that i know nothing about.  and for calling and offering it to me for my original bid of $7. 
 you will never know how happy these round dirty typewriter keys make me.  i am a huge lover of letters.  and now i am a huge lover of older gentlemen who dig antique tractors and old gas and steam powered engines and dirty old treasures found in barns and attics.  also....of silent auctions at the local "old boys toys" festival that i happened on by pure blissful mistake.

(your new crazy old typewriter and tractor loving friend)
p.s. see ya next month in apache junction for the next "silent auction"...i.m hooked now.


  1. i am TOTALLY jealous!! you have an UNDERWOOD typewriter!!! lucky girl...

    i do love my little portable Sears typewriter though and will have it with me to use during the workshop this weekend; that's the best part of my Sears typewriter - it's portable! =-)

    see you soon!

  2. Chrissy!
    What a couple of sweeties! It's always a joy to find kindness where we least expect it! It just goes to show you, when you're kind to others, they'll be kind to you! Congrats on your new treasure! :)

  3. What an amazing story, how fantastic that you came across such lovely people, in such an unexpected way.

  4. Wow, Chrissy - how fun!! Can't waite to see what you end up with next month! I'm wondering if the typewriter guys happen to also be internet guys and might have a chance of actually reading what you wrote about them???

  5. i LOVE this story!!!
    i LOVE how you ended up with 2 beautifully charming typewriters and meeting these two "typewriter" guys!

    wish i could come out and go with you to Apache Junction!! i DO need to plan my trip there soon!!

    love you so much

  6. chrissy, don't you just LOVE how letters look from an old underwood? i can just hear how each letter sounds when a letter is pushed. what a find. & what dear friends who brought it to you. & i am thankful for how happy it's all made you most of all. lots of love. xox

  7. I love the look of old letters, I think my Mom has
    a hidden treasure in her home. Great how this all came together for you; it was meant to be!

    Enjoy!!! You handled it calm, cool and collected!

  8. i want to meet old typewriter guys with you! Let's plan an adventure!



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