December 28, 2009

...a different perspective perhaps

i'm getting ready to take my 5 little ones up to the slopes today.  it's been such a joy to watch my warm blooded phoenicians layer themselves up with leggings and longjohns and puffy ski pants, extra shirts, jackets and gloves. their heads completely covered with beanies and helmets and goggles.  after being raised a "snowbunny" all my life on the beautiful wasatch front and working at a ski resort for 3 years i'm finding sheer delight at watching them try to stumble around in ski boots.  it's a hoot.

i've had something on my mind and wanted to share it with you as it's put my thinking into a different perspective perhaps the past few days.

what did you get for FROM christmas?

December 22, 2009

...i need a silent night

i found this wonderful silent night HERE on etsy

today i just wanted to thank all the dear sweet people who read this blog.  i say that like there are so many of you, when in reality there really aren't.  but there is a handful and for that i am deeply grateful.  this time of year always gets so crazy for me.  no matter how hard i try to simplify, i always feel the stress of the season.
my mom passed away 5 yrs. ago but she was the BIGGEST fan of christmas that ever there was and she seemed to make it so beautiful and magical and wondrous for everyone around her with no anxiety at all.  i have always marveled at that and been grateful for the memories and traditions she created for us as a family.
last year as i was fighting the evening holiday traffic, not finding "that one gift" that my children wanted, bumping into other grumpy last minute shoppers, late on my christmas cards...again and knowing i would be up ALL christmas eve wrapping presents...i heard a song that brought tears to my eyes.  i don't even know if it was a new song or not, but the words had a profound effect on me.
"did my own mother keep this pace or was the world a different place?"
no matter what you believe or celebrate, this time of year can get chaotic for everyone.  my gift to you, my friends, tonight is THIS SONG!
"i need a silent night.  a holy night.  to hear an angel voice through the chaos and the noise.  i need a midnight clear.  a little peace right here.  to end this crazy day with a silent night."
i wish you all a silent night!

much love to you,

December 20, 2009


my merry christmas present

i missed a thankful heart on thursday this week, but i had a very good reason.  you see, my old p.c. which had been crashing on a weekly basis, did another crash again right in the middle of finals and christmas card making and blog commenting and recipe downloading and party organizing and lots of other merriment and computer skills needed type of activities...and i had a minor little meltdown...
so a very sweet one in my home surprised me by bringing home this HUGE present.  i just plugged it in for the first time today after having all good things transferred over from the old PC...
i'm now just getting use to figuring out all the fun things it can do and can't wait to catch up with all of you wonderful friends who i love!
thanks to all who gave their input on the subject of MAC vs PC.  i can tell you that after less than 24 hrs. i am already hooked!
what is something you can't live without today?

December 16, 2009

...if you celebrate christmas or even if you don't.

i happen to celebrate christmas.  when i was growing up, many of the families i knew had a tradition of going to a local performance of g.f. handel's MESSIAH.  i always thought that this sounded fun and a sing-along would be perfect for me as i love to sing out loud, but don't know how to carry a tune, so it would be great having my voice covered by the beautiful voices of so many others.  after 41 years, i went to my first performance of the MESSIAH with my 14 yr. old daughter the other night.  it's was lovely.  a large choir and orchestra from my church presented the concert and the church building was packed with people from all walks of life...members and non-members alike.  my favorite part was when the whole audience stood during the "HALLELUJAH" chorus.  i guess that tradition started back in 1742 at the debut of handel's oratorio, when king george II rose to his feet during the "glorious strains". (who knew)  seeing so many people, young and old, come out on a busy sunday evening so close to Christmas was proof to me that there are still folks out there who are searching for peace and for answers and that this season is still about more than just santa claus and presents.  i have a new christmas tradition with my daughter now!

what kind of traditions do you have or think are neat?  i'd love to know!

December 10, 2009

...a thankful heart on thursday!

...this thursday i am thankful for random acts of kindness...

 they can be big or small.  public or private.  they can be from many people or one little person or someone you may not know at all.  this last week i feel like i have been greatly blessed by these types of
service and love.
* the sweet postcard above that showed up in my mail this week with the simplest of reminders that i am loved.  that someone was thinking of me.  that someone calls me friend.  that i have "scarf sisters".  one of whom sent me this special gift. 
i met beautiful jennifer at my unearth retreat.
she is one of the kindest, gentlest people i have ever met.  period.
she knows exactly what to say and when to say it and HOW to say it.
she has a way with words that will send your heart soaring
and set your dreams and goals in flight.
she sees herself and the world around her with such grace and beauty.
please click on her name and soak in the gift that is my
(i love you dear!  thank you ever so much!)
i'm also thankful today for...
* the warm loaf of homemade bread that showed up on my doorstep.
* the pot roast and roasted vegetables that fed my family when my back hurt.
* the lady at the grocery store who took my cart as she walked by.
* the man who let me buy my diet dr. pepper before him at the convienience store.
* a dear dear neighbor who took my daughter to volleyball when i couldn't.
* a tender note of "thanks for all you do mom" from my 10 yr. old.
* hearing my 17 yr. old macho son tell each of his siblings he loved them before he went to school this morning.  (bliss)
* prayers that were heard and answered.
* friends who actually read this blog.

what random acts of kindness have been shown to you this week?

December 3, 2009

...a thankful heart on thursday!

...this thursday i'm thankful for "heartsurprises"
& a friend named marilyn brown!

my friend kolleen inspired me to get a bit more structure to my blog, so in an effort to continue cul*ti*vating gratitude in my life, always, and not just in november, i am going to instigate "a thankful heart on thursday!"  why thursday?  i don't know really.  maybe because it's one of those days that is overlooked because everyone is looking forward to friday and the weekend.  it just seemed like a good day to see what blessings in my life are being "overlooked" as well.  so here it's official (and you should hold me to that!)

as a child i watched "mr. rogers" on occation. (if my big brothers didn't catch me and mock me and change the channel before i could scream!) i remember him talking about gifts and how they make you and others feel.  in a book i found titled "life's journey's according to mr. rogers" he says this...
"the best gifts are often wrapped in the most unspectacular ways.
you've probably had many fancy wrapped-up gifts-gifts which dazzle the eyes and impress the neighbors;
nevertheless, isn't it the
that lingers in your memory and serves to nourish you from year to year?"
yesterday i found a little white envelope addressed to me in the mail.  the writing was cute and i was excited to open it.  a simple card with a bird and a heart and the words, "love is all you need" were accompanied by two little sheets of paper full of words. words from a new found friend.  yet words that seem to be born of a friend i've had for life.  words from the heart.  words of love.  words of encouragement.  words that my own mom might tell me if she were alive.  words of comfort.  words of wisdom.  words of endearment.  words of marilyn brown.

me, marilyn & patty

the beautiful shining soul in the middle above is ms. marilyn.  (she doesn't like to have pictures taken of herself, but i mananged to sneak this one in) marilyn has the biggest heart you will ever find in a person.  i met marilyn at my "unearth retreat" i keep blabbing about and how grateful i am that i did.  i felt immediately drawn to her light and her love.  marilyn has been through some rough times in her life and is such an example of perserverance and bravery to me.  we all watched marilyn blossom in manzanita.  she is so incredibly talented and i have no doubt you'll be seeing her creativity somewhere, sometime!  the art she created there was AMAZING! but what i love most about marilyn is her laughter, her ability to laugh at herself, her wisdom, her honesty,  her encouragment, her love she freely gives and her hugs! you give the best hugs EVER marilyn brown.
i can't tell you how much your "gift" in the mail meant to me marilyn! it came exactly at a time when i needed it most.  how you knew that i'll never know, but i want you to know i am truly grateful for your "HEARTSURPRISE".  like mr. rogers said...your gift will linger in my memory and your heartfelt words are going to nourish me from day to day and year to year.  i treasure this letter and i treasure you! who could use your words of love and encouragement today? let sweet marilyn brown be your example...get going!  what are you waiting for?