December 22, 2009

...i need a silent night

i found this wonderful silent night HERE on etsy

today i just wanted to thank all the dear sweet people who read this blog.  i say that like there are so many of you, when in reality there really aren't.  but there is a handful and for that i am deeply grateful.  this time of year always gets so crazy for me.  no matter how hard i try to simplify, i always feel the stress of the season.
my mom passed away 5 yrs. ago but she was the BIGGEST fan of christmas that ever there was and she seemed to make it so beautiful and magical and wondrous for everyone around her with no anxiety at all.  i have always marveled at that and been grateful for the memories and traditions she created for us as a family.
last year as i was fighting the evening holiday traffic, not finding "that one gift" that my children wanted, bumping into other grumpy last minute shoppers, late on my christmas cards...again and knowing i would be up ALL christmas eve wrapping presents...i heard a song that brought tears to my eyes.  i don't even know if it was a new song or not, but the words had a profound effect on me.
"did my own mother keep this pace or was the world a different place?"
no matter what you believe or celebrate, this time of year can get chaotic for everyone.  my gift to you, my friends, tonight is THIS SONG!
"i need a silent night.  a holy night.  to hear an angel voice through the chaos and the noise.  i need a midnight clear.  a little peace right here.  to end this crazy day with a silent night."
i wish you all a silent night!

much love to you,


  1. I hope you have a wonderful Xmas and New Year Chrissy. Look forward to seeing you in the very near future. xxx

  2. Dearest Chrissy,
    First of all, dear girl, the world was a different place not too long ago and you have to give yourself permission not to be replacing your Mom. You have your memories, but you are you and now is now and you have to do what works for you. Your kids will find it just as special because you are doing it and you are doing it with love in your heart. Trust me on this!
    Also, you need to take a moment now and then, however brief, to step back, breathe (remembering the words of the lovely Liz), and simply immerse yourself in the moment and all its glory. I know, I know, easier said than done, but you will be happy that you did and these are the little moments that you will remember most!!

    One more thing: My brother is in radio and every year he makes us a special Christmas cd compilation. Last year, he made this song the title track and introduced me to it. Simply lovely! Take a deep breath and enjoy.......

  3. hi sweet friend. i hope and pray you are getting that "silent night" you are craving!
    the world was absolutely a different place...i feel we live in such a fast paced world and it is our very own responsibility to slow down...give ourselves a break and recognize we don't HAVE to keep up with everyone else. we need to do what is good for us....what is good for OUR souls! i can only imagine the amazing Christmas you create for your family...just YOU being there is enough for me. I know Mackenzie and Chandler would give the world to have their mom right here right now! so just enjoy...hug them and hold them close and know that i am sending oodles of hugs to you and miss you much!!! YOU were such a gift to me this year and I thank God for you!!!

  4. i wish for you a silent night and a moment of peace in the middle of all the craziness - even if it is just a moment of peace in your heart, and not in your surroundings.

    have a merry merry christmas, my dear. i hope you can feel my virtual hug.

  5. what a lovely gift, Chrissy. i've had such a different Christmas this year, being in texas, taking care of my granddaughter, which should be so joyous, yet i can't seem to pull myself out of the depths of depression.
    the good part of depression is that you're so paralyzed you can't get into the frenetic mode that usually accompanies Christmas.
    My mother died 35 years ago, way before any of my children were born and it was the saddest day of my life. It took me forever to overcome my grief.
    anyway tonight the last of my immediate family will arrive, some of us in a more crippled state than others, but i hope our togetherness
    (sans dramas, hurt feelings) celebrating the birth of Jesus will be all it's meant to be.
    I've all but abandoned my blog, can't bring myself to reach out to anyone.
    thank you for your sweet sharings.

  6. i hope those memories of your mom brought you joy this season. i'm so sorry for your loss and i'm sure it gets amplified during the holiday season. I wish i could give you a hug right now. love you gal.


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