December 3, 2009

...a thankful heart on thursday!

...this thursday i'm thankful for "heartsurprises"
& a friend named marilyn brown!

my friend kolleen inspired me to get a bit more structure to my blog, so in an effort to continue cul*ti*vating gratitude in my life, always, and not just in november, i am going to instigate "a thankful heart on thursday!"  why thursday?  i don't know really.  maybe because it's one of those days that is overlooked because everyone is looking forward to friday and the weekend.  it just seemed like a good day to see what blessings in my life are being "overlooked" as well.  so here it's official (and you should hold me to that!)

as a child i watched "mr. rogers" on occation. (if my big brothers didn't catch me and mock me and change the channel before i could scream!) i remember him talking about gifts and how they make you and others feel.  in a book i found titled "life's journey's according to mr. rogers" he says this...
"the best gifts are often wrapped in the most unspectacular ways.
you've probably had many fancy wrapped-up gifts-gifts which dazzle the eyes and impress the neighbors;
nevertheless, isn't it the
that lingers in your memory and serves to nourish you from year to year?"
yesterday i found a little white envelope addressed to me in the mail.  the writing was cute and i was excited to open it.  a simple card with a bird and a heart and the words, "love is all you need" were accompanied by two little sheets of paper full of words. words from a new found friend.  yet words that seem to be born of a friend i've had for life.  words from the heart.  words of love.  words of encouragement.  words that my own mom might tell me if she were alive.  words of comfort.  words of wisdom.  words of endearment.  words of marilyn brown.

me, marilyn & patty

the beautiful shining soul in the middle above is ms. marilyn.  (she doesn't like to have pictures taken of herself, but i mananged to sneak this one in) marilyn has the biggest heart you will ever find in a person.  i met marilyn at my "unearth retreat" i keep blabbing about and how grateful i am that i did.  i felt immediately drawn to her light and her love.  marilyn has been through some rough times in her life and is such an example of perserverance and bravery to me.  we all watched marilyn blossom in manzanita.  she is so incredibly talented and i have no doubt you'll be seeing her creativity somewhere, sometime!  the art she created there was AMAZING! but what i love most about marilyn is her laughter, her ability to laugh at herself, her wisdom, her honesty,  her encouragment, her love she freely gives and her hugs! you give the best hugs EVER marilyn brown.
i can't tell you how much your "gift" in the mail meant to me marilyn! it came exactly at a time when i needed it most.  how you knew that i'll never know, but i want you to know i am truly grateful for your "HEARTSURPRISE".  like mr. rogers said...your gift will linger in my memory and your heartfelt words are going to nourish me from day to day and year to year.  i treasure this letter and i treasure you! who could use your words of love and encouragement today? let sweet marilyn brown be your example...get going!  what are you waiting for?


  1. i seriously love MB. she rocks!

  2. oh, oh, oh! chrissy, SO ditto to everything you said - you have articulated the beauty of marilyn perfectly. your post makes me smile and get a little teary-eyed at the same time. marilyn, you are the BEST and chrissy, you too. had not seen this picture - how could i not love that?? miss both of you lots!!

  3. Hi Chrissy! Wonderful post! What a sweet surprise to get in the mail. It doesn't happen often with all the technology we have these days!
    I'm so glad to see more of you, you are beautiful!! I hope to get to know more about you through the next few months too!! Thanks again for all your sweet and encouraging comments on my blog, they mean the world to me!

  4. this post was beautiful and your words PERFECTLY written!!! She knew exactly when you needed it because Marilyn is an angel who walks amongst us and who i fell in love with!!! just like you are!!!!
    i miss you much and we need to figure out our schedules really SOON!!!
    you want to know something...i LOVE Mr. Rogers and watched him every day when i was growing up!!! Thank you for bringing him back into my life!
    i love you sweet one!!

  5. there are angels among us.

    I loved Mr. Rogers too. :)

    lots of love to you!

  6. sigh...marilyn is truly wonderful. i too completely fell for her loveliness the moment i met her.

    and you too lovely chrissy. just wait...i SO will to come visit you some day, for real! wouldn't that be lovely!!!

  7. uh shucks, chrissy. i am totally honored to be mentioned here and to see the other comments as well. i love you so. hope you know


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