November 25, 2009

...gobs of goodness!

tonight i am thankful...
...for 19 people in my family who trust enough in my turkey cooking abilities that they flew in town for the occasion.
...for a mom who set the thanksgiving bar oh so high.  i miss you mom!  SO SO MUCH! i still can't make gravy and i'll never figure out how you got everything cooked and hot on the table all at the same time.
...for friends who make homemade rolls for other stressed out friends.
...for a niece who is a professional chef, but pretends that she's not when she's in my kitchen.
...for 5 beautiful children and a husband that are willing to do the thanksgiving grocery shopping so i can study for a test.
...for the sound of cousins laughing, giggling and wrestling and jammin on their guitars together.
...for the sight of my daughter snuggled up with her grandpa (my dad) on my sofa.
...for my health ( i was near death in the I.C.U. 5 years ago today!)  hold dear to life!
...for old friends.
...for new friends.  i've NEVER met so many creative, supportive and loving women in my life as i have this year.  to my "unearth" babes and my new blog friends...i feel extremely blessed to have you in my life!

what are you thankful for tonight?
enjoy thanksgiving if you celebrate it
and for my friends who don't,
enjoy the goodness and blessings in your life tomorrow!

much love to all of you!


  1. Happy thanksgiving Chrissy. Have a wonderful celebration.

    I was shocked to read about where you were 5 years ago. You'll have to tell me what happened sometime.

  2. wishing you and yours a blessed thanksgiving. sounds like you have many stories that i hope you'll share when we meet in person.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Chrissy!
    Enjoy your family and all the food!! I'm blessed to have met you my new blogger friend!

  4. i am ever so grateful for soul sister...heartwing sister...friend.
    i am sooooooo grateful for my sexy hubby who did nearly all the cooking today and 4 crazy kids who are the best and indulge me in my silly requests in order to create tradition. i love that they love my craziness and accept me!
    missing you and hoping we can make an appointment SOON!! : )

  5. great list you have here Chrissy! and all the more since your journey of health from 5 years ago - you certainly know that life is more precious than we imagine...

    happy gratitude day!

  6. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Gravy is tricky .. I used to make it when I lived at home, but darned if I have any idea what I did. And I have yet to have any semblance of mastering the whole things-done-at-the-same-time thing. I like to eat my food in shifts, LOL.

  7. you touch me so deeply, chrissie. wow oh wow. 19 people! holey cannoli batgirl! i can do gravy. it might actually be my claim to fame. dinner, not so much. miss you dearly, dear.

  8. i am so thankful i met you chrissy. your soul rekindles a certain light in me. love you sweet!


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