November 5, 2009

...don't let YOUR ideas die!

ever since i returned from the unearth retreat i've had a swarm of ideas buzzing around in this head of mine.  sometimes i lay awake at night going from one idea to the next at high velocity speeds.  never having learned the artistic habit of getting out of bed and writing my ideas down as they come to me, like this beautiful, inspired friend of mine does (too comfy in my bed)  i awake in the morning to find i can't visualize things as clearly and vividly as i had when the sun was sleeping.  i've liked to use the excuse that i'm back in college and the mother of 5 children as an excuse for not putting these ideas of mine down on canvas with paint and paper and cleverly placed chotchkes - inexpensive trinket or ornament - (case you didn't know)...BUT, the truth of the matter is i've been afraid.  i'm afraid i won't be able to reinvent the image in my mind as beautifully as i imagined it.  i'm afraid of the results.  i'm afraid of "the ugly stage" of a painting that sometimes paralyzes my creativity.  i'm afraid. i am.
then i came across this quote this morning...
..."the primary reason ideas die quickly in some minds is because they can't survive in solitary confinement."...
as i read this quote, i realized that, yes i'm afraid to start the process sometimes, but i am even MORE afraid that my "ideas will die!"
so... i painted!!!


  1. I know that fear so well. You're right though, the best way through it is to create. Look forward to seeing what you've been creating.

    My weekend is going to involve pushing through the 'ugly stage' on my current painting. I'll see you on the other side.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I too have several ideas of collages/paintings I want to do but I am afraid to try to put them on canvas. I love your quote. Tomorrow I am going to start one of the images in my mind. Thank you!

  3. i love your words my sweet sweet heartwingsister!! I cannot wait to see what you have created write so beautifully Chrissy!
    I miss you so much and thank you for what you said about me in your post...i feel privileged!! although...i have learned to keep a paper and pencil on my nightstand now!!! ; )

  4. I loved reading this post! I lull myself to sleep with ideas for art but I also do not write them down. You have inspired me to try to get these ideas down...and to actually paint something this weekend!

  5. I loved your post...its so perfect and so real...yeah for showing up for yourself thats perfect....hugs many email hugs to you..

  6. go chrissy! thank you for the inspiration today!

  7. chri-ssy! chri-ssy! chri-ssy! i am so proud of you. keep on sweet thing.

  8. good for you for choosing to CREATE!!

    and i'm glad to see TInniegirl will be attempting to "break on through to the other side", as The Doors once sang ;) i'm sure the results will be nothing short of fantastic!

  9. yay!!! I cannot wait to see your creation!

    I wrote a whole post on this topic earlier this fall. I realized I was afraid of working on my painting because I was afraid of messing it up (because I kept doing so). Well .. I'm still not happy with that painting (come to think of it, I'm afraid to take it out again!) .. but I did learn something from the experience. Except, clearly I forgot the lessons once I wrote them down in the post, LOL.


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