November 16, 2009

...everyone needs someone to "have their back"!

...have you ever started a friendship with someone BEFORE you ever met them in person?  honestly.  it's the strangest sensation.  i know that some of you dear sweethearts who comment on this blog are friends in this catagory.  but up until this beginning of this year, i didn't have a catagory of friends like this in my life.  (ok, that is if you DON'T count the time when i was 8 and i let a helium ballon fly free with a note asking for the person who found it to be my penpal..and they DID!)  oh, i had read a zillion blogs of creative folks out there who gushed about the friends they had made in blog-land, but never seen eye-to-eye.  "oh my goodness, how brave of them!"  i would think to myself.    fast forward to my slight obsession with a certain artist named KELLY RAE ROBERTS and my wonderful fortune to go on an art retreat with her recently. (which i've already blabbed about and probably will again. and again. and again.)
well i had the opportunity to connect with a few of the women BEFORE we met up in manzanita, oregon last month.  one of these dear women had the BEST music on her blog.  i'm talking seriously good taste in music.  it was comforting to know that i would have at least ONE thing in common with someone on this retreat.  i emailed her and she emailed me back and soon i had my very 1st friend in the "i've never met this friend in person" catagory!  YIPPEE!
the story just gets better as we met up in the Portland airport and shared a car to manzanita with jennifer and gloria. two more beautiful and extremely talented women. (seriously check them out)

it's strange how just knowing someone, even a tiny bit, when jumping into a house full of women that you don't know at all, can all of a sudden feel so warm and comforting.

this gorgeous woman above is KOLLEEN (picture by the most amazing photographer, vivienne. please check her out too, you won't be sorry) (sorry i couldn't make it bigger) it's easy to see why anyone would want to be her friend.  she radiates that "come sit by me and let's talk like old friends" glow from the first moment you lay eyes on her.  she is wise.  and so easy to open up to.  she listens.  she encourages.  she's honest.  she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  and it's that inner beauty that inspires her creativity.  her desire to remind us all that it's what is on the inside that matters most and we need to be careful that we develop and nuture our inner spirits.  these are the things i have gained from this new friendship.  from this new HEARTWING SISTER of mine.  this sister who will always have my back!
i had the honor of being a tiny spark in her creativity recently as she and i were portrayed together in one of her inspirational "heartwing sister pieces"

thank you k for being you.  a wonderful you.  i hope you know i've "always got your back!"


  1. that made me was beautiful.....

  2. i'm crying too..... : (
    THANK.YOU.CHRISSY. you have completely lifted my spirits up JUST when i needed it. Funny how we know these things about our we just "know" when they need some encouragement or some extra love...because i did and this post was a quick cure!! i love you dearly and am SO blessed that you are in my life. I will ALWAYS have your need to worry there!
    you are a special soul that God placed into my life...i am forever grateful for that!!!
    sending you SO SO SO SO SO much love and hugs!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. That was beautiful. And I hope you know how much it says about your own amazing and wonderful spirit that you wrote something so wonderful about someone else.

    Lots of love, my dear!

  4. this is why i love hanging with artists - they are real, genuine and always, always, ALWAYS speak from the heart =-)

    can't wait to meet at the retreat in February, Fellow Artist!!

  5. chrissy is a verb. and an adjective. a noun, and a whole darn paragraph. what your heart says with your eyes and words is a miracle, my dear dear friend. so honored to know you and feel the treasure that is you in my own heart.

  6. What a beautiful post! Kolleen has reached out to me on my very new blog and like a friend you have had forever I cherish every little comment she gives me!! She makes me feel special without ever having met her. The artists that I've met on this journey of mine have been the most special and endearing, genuine, silly, and uplifting! I wish I could give you all a hug, truly a sweet post!

  7. dear heart...yet ANOTHER reason we are soul sisters...i didn't realize i had my ugg slippers on either until i was in the store strolling the aisles!! i posed the question to figure out proper grocery store etiquette!!! thank you for your compliment on "baby girl" - she was fun...everyone thought she was me...which wasn't my intention...but i am trying to live by those words!!

  8. beautiful post. I feel so honored to be your friend and to have had the chance to share in the beauty that unfolded from the time we met in portland to the time we departed in the airport.


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