November 12, 2009

...cold and flu season!

dear friends. i work on a very ancient computer.  it's been a good pal for many years, but lately he's been growing slow and weak and recently he got hit with the swine flu.  so i took him in to the dr.s and they ended up keeping him for "observation".  hense, i've been a bit quiet on this blog for a few days.  i am going to be completely honest....IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!  right at this very moment i have finally taken my children's computer hostage.  i don't care if they have homework to finish or important facebook posts to check.  i NEED to blog.  at least to check up on all my wonderfully creative friends and see what i've been missing.  you guys are busy little bees.  i miss you when i don't get to check in on you each day.
i feel soooo much better!
now the little moochers can have their computer back.  but before i go, i need some help.  a new computer is in my very near future. i'm seeing a MAC in my crystal ball.  if you have a mac and love it or hate it, i would love to hear about it. also, if you were me, would you get another desktop or switch to a mac laptop?
thanks friends.


  1. Go with the Mac!! I was a very loyal Mac user fifteen years ago and then because my work was all PCs I switched. (back then moving back and forth from Mac to PC was not as easy as it is now) I struggled with my PCs for an entire decade. I tried and tried and tried to love all of them, and I went through a lot! I finally bought Macs again. I have a Mac Book and a desktop as well. I love them both. If I had to choose though, the laptop is more fun. Make sure to pay the extra for the Mac support, it is so great. You can get anything fixed for three years. (I only used it once, to be honest, but it feels comforting to know it is there) Also, the $99 for the One on One is a great deal as you can get classes on anything and everything for the year. There are so many things about the Mac that you would like better. I know that some people will disagree with this, but the other great thing is that you do not worry about viruses as much with a Mac. I have two computer labs at work, one is Mac and one is PC, the PC lab is barely used now because everyone loves the Macs so much!

    Ok, sorry if I am scaring away the voices of the PC lovers....that is not my intention...I just love all my Macs!! If you have any specific questions, I probably would be able to answer, you can just catch me on my email or blog. (both are listed on the Art Journey Retreat Yahoo group) Hope that was helpful!

  2. mac laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    miss you!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes, I say Mac all the way. I changed from PC to Mac 2 years ago and I'd never go back. I have a laptop and I'm very happy with it. I can blog anywhere in the house. Besides, that way you can keep it just for you!

    The one thing I would say is buy the Microsoft programs package(word, excel, etc). Initially I tried to use the Mac versions and I found that difficult.

  4. Cathy and I are on the same page. I take my laptop everywhere.
    ditto on office for mac.
    I did have an adjustment period, but you've got so many people to help you shouldn't have the same problems I did.

  5. Hi Chrissy! Don't want to be a dissenting voice here, but the pc side deserves a vote too! I also used to use Mac and had to switch to pc because of work, but I have not gone back mostly because I have expensive software (Adobe) for pc and can't afford to switch everything. I just replaced both my desktop and laptop. I got a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 7, which I love. I know the Macs are great, but just wanted to throw in my 2 cents, in case you are on a budget.
    And I'm so glad you got your blog fix!!

  6. i recently got a mac because my old pc CRASHED, and i had been hearing such glorious things about the mac. i am struggling with it, but am glad i have it. it's a desktop. i will do the one on one thing, which should put me on the right track. yes, do get the microsoft word package. learn quickly, then come to my house and teach me and paint with me and play and we'll gather all the ladies within miles and miles. miss you sweetie pie!

  7. i work with a PC at the office but now have an older MAC at home in my workroom and use a MAC when at the boyfriends place - the MAC microsoft package would be a good thing to have. i'm glad i've learned my way around a MAC, though i need to practice i-photo, and i dream of the day i can have a MAC laptop instead of using the desktops - smaller and portable so less space used in my workroom!

    good luck making your choice!

  8. i have a pc desktop and a MAC laptop. but i have to say i am a MAC girl!!! i ♥ my MAC powerbook so much. i have had it for 6 years and it's still chugging along and i have tons of graphic design software on it. i hope to get a new one soon just to upgrade AND (ssshhh...don't tell my hubby) but i am planning on replacing our desktop with a MAC too. :)

    if you have always had a PC then switching will take a little getting used to but you will fall in love once you get it going.

    that's my opinion. :)

    ♥ ya!

  9. you guys are all SOOOO awesome. geez! thanks for taking the time to give me your opinion! i love you guys!

  10. miss you sister! left you a lengthy message last night and left you a little something on my blog! check it out!

  11. I have a Mac. I love it. Love love love it. It's like part of my family (hence the reason it is old and slow and I cannot bear to replace it). It has worked for years and I think it had a problem ONCE. (I use PCs at work and let me just say that I don't have enough hair on my head to count the problems I have there. Argh.)

    I am going to replace it next year though - it is time - and I waffled back and forth between a desktop and laptop. I keep changing my mind - but I think I have finally decided on a laptop. For three reasons: 1) I can work downstairs in summer when it's too hot upstairs and I can read recipes off the internet to cook instead of running up and down to check ingredients. 2) Some photography retreats and art retreats that I look at want you to bring a laptop. 3) I can take it when I travel. I think those will sell me .. because I do not want to have two computers. :)

    That comment about cost is so true though. I paid a pretty penny for mine - had to save up much longer - and I have been saving for two years for the replacement (because I will need to buy Photoshop and a monitor if I buy a laptop at the same time). But to me, it is worth it. I have had this computer since 2003 and just love it to pieces.

  12. Mac, Mac, Mac!! Laptop!! Get an old one before you get a new much better for arts and photoshop! Mine is 9 years old and I still love it!


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