February 14, 2012

HEART and seek....day 14

day 14
 here is a little valentine i painted up for all my friends...
"i mustache you a question...will you be my valentine?"

well...we are at the end of HEART and seek...3rd edition

my sweet dad made me a HEART birdhouse for valentines.
he is really handy at everything, but especially awesome at wood working.
he left it unfinished so me and my girls can get all artsy on it.
he also gave me a hilarious card 
and a box of HEART chocolates from V chocolates.
a yummy local chocolatier in utah.
thanks daddy!!  i will totally be your valentine!!

thanks to all who played or followed along this year.
if nothing else..i hope i opened your eyes to be on the lookout for HEARTS
for, behind every HEART is love and it can be in the most unexpected places...
 like a flower pedal...
 or in your scrambled eggs...
 when you are sewing...
 or hiking in the desert...
 love can be found in the mundane things...like vacuuming.
 or cleaning up after a pizza party...
 don't forget to look up often...
 or pay attention the next time you visit the cemetary....
even the curb at target can offer some affection if you're open to it...
and don't cry over spilt milk...
there are HEARTS to be found there as well.

heart and seek....day 13

day 13...
today's edition has a WARNING...
i have a really cool and interesting HEART photo to share,
but it's graphic so just be aware...
i left it for the last.

PINTEREST is huge right now and i found the next five images
from there under a search for HEARTs.  I tried to follow where each
photo originated from but each one took me on a wild goose chase
and ended at a dead end.  so i feel bad not giving credit where credit
is due but i really did try.
this was listed as being in portugal.  i HEART this so much.
 again, this was listed as being in portugal.
someone is very creative!!
 im not even a cat lover, (i'm allergic)
but this is awesome.
again...someone so clever that i would love to thank.
if you know the artists behind the photos, i would love to know.

 my husband is in the cardiac care business.  this is actually an x-ray
of two leads that are going into a HEART from a cardiac device.
to keep the persons HEART beating and alive.
it was ironic that the contrast dye used in the x-ray created a little
space that looks just like the HEARTS we draw.
cool huh!
this is my husbands contribution to my HEART and seek game.
it is a REAL HEART!!!  not a person's, a pigs.
and before you get all "peta" on me.  pig HEARTS are very similar to human
HEARTS and therefore are used a lot to help us learn how to better take care of human HEARTS.  they are studied and examined and are a huge contribution to the development of improved cardiac care.  
(my hubby would be so proud of my description)

it's the day of love tomorrow...
see you then!

February 12, 2012

heart and seek...day 12

day 12...
 well, we are on our final stretch of HEART and seek.

my daughter texted me this photo from school recently.
that is her sweetest friend, zoe, behind that chip bag
and this is her awesome school lunch HEART find.
thank you lay's potato chips 
and thank you girls for playing along with me!
i love this one.  it came about in such a cute way.
kelly from chasing hugo shared this with me.
her son had taken his soap and broke it all to pieces...
what emerged from the wreckage was a squeaky clean reminder of love.
soap heART!!!
i have a pretty amazing group of friends that i met at "unearth"
i've mentioned several of them in these posts.
one AMAZING artist that you really should check out 
and follow, if you aren't already is kelly barton.
she shared this awesome HEART with me last year (or the year before)
her art always makes me smile.
love you kelly!
 a favorite blog i visit when i want some fresh inspiration is dottie angel.
do any of you follow her?
i loved this idea of cascading HEARTS from book pages 
that she shared years back.  i've made so many for myself and others since then.
aren't they just the best!!
here's a photo of some i made for a special group of women in sedona
this one brings me joy because it's straight from the inspiration board
of my cute daughter tess.  she's 16.
i love how her HEART reminds her each day to be happy!
i want to be like her when i grow up!

hope you all find a happy HEART today too!

heart and seek...day 11

day 11...
 some of my most favorite HEART finds are the ones we may
have missed if we weren't keeping our eyes open to love.
this is a sea foam HEART from the beautiful patrice longmire
i love that she spotted this before she stepped on it or it was washed away.
i have a cute friend that i met at "an artful journey".  
she is amazingly talented in so many ways.
her name is stella singleton.
she shared this with me the other day...
"Dunkin Doughnuts" is offering HEART shaped doughnuts this month.
who knew!  they are just as cute as i'm sure they are tasty.
thanks stella!
catherine reeves from an angel in the garden shared another goodie with me.
her friend picked this HEART love right from the tree for her.
i love it when HEARTS occur so sweetly like this.
another goodie from patty waite  (thank goodness for patty waite)
she always comes through for me at this game.
this is a classic!

3 days of HEART and seek left!!!
be on the lookout!

February 10, 2012

heart and seek...day 10

day 10...
 last year on a cool winters day...we spied this sweet HEART leaf 
in a garden fountain in my dad's front yard...
that night mr. frost came and enshrined that sweet HEART in ice...
so cool to see.
 last spring i spent an amazing weekend with some incredibly artsy friends
in the beautiful red canyons of sedona, arizona.  you can read about it HERE
it was so appropriate that my first lunch there came with bread 
in the shape of a HEART, because the whole trip was an abundance of love.
isn't this cool?  you can literally see the HEART of this tree.
and count all the years that it's been sharing it's love.
christine from silver linings for me shared this goodness with me.
thanks christine!!!
i love this photo.
i found it awhile back on "pinterest"  everyone's new obsession.
guess what...? you can make these too.
HERE's the link to the directions!
 and speaking of eggs...
the first year i started HEART and seek, this was one
of my very first and very favorite HEART surprises.
 i was making cookies and cracked the egg and voila...
along with the egg whites...into the bowl fell this wonderful piece of heaven.
it is so tiny in real life..there is NO way i could have made
this any more perfect than nature did on it's own.
this will always be one of my favorite HEART and seek finds!

we are winding down our game of HEART and seek.
only 4 days left.  i hope you are all able to find some HEART goodness
in your lives over the next few days!!!

happy HEART hunting!

February 9, 2012

heart and seek...day 9 and an apology

day 9...
i remember when i first started this blog, i had no idea what blogs even were.
i really had to learn by trial and error.  
i started following the blogs of some of my favorite artists first.
i remember there was often talk of "blog etiquette" and the do's and don'ts.
one of the big no no's was posting others work and not giving them credit...
or even worse, posting their work and taking credit for it yourself.
"who in the world would ever do that?" i thought to myself.  how awful!
well, guess what?                                                               
years later...I DID JUST THAT!!!
and here i am on my blog admitting that 
i can't believe i did this...but i did!
so, forgive me but i HAVE to tell the story.
if you scroll down to day 3...
you'll notice a really neat photo of raining blown glass HEARTS...
that i "THOUGHT" i had taken a few years back at the scottsdale arts festival.
well...actually "these" are the neat blow glass HEARTS that i discovered...
pretty awesome right?  love the wings!
THESE beauties..are actually blown glass HEARTS taken by 
a very sweet AND FORGIVING friend and artist...kate daniel

i had remembered these really neat HEARTS when i posted that 3rd day and i skimmed through my many many photos of HEARTS that day and just quickly posted the first glass HEARTS that i found.  the problem is that 
and i took credit for it.  needless to say, kate was a bit surprised 
when she came to visit and see all the HEART love going on here.
gently she wrote to me of my mishap and how grateful i am that she did.
i was, of course, mortified!
kate is an amazing photographer and is about to open her etsy store soon.
"her" raining HEARTS are one of the pieces that she will be selling
and she didn't want folks out there to think she "stole" my photo.
ironic...right!  i'm the silly one who does that!
and even though i hijacked her beautiful photo...kate was still so generous in 
sharing her HEART and seek finds with me..so here we go
 isn't this beautiful?  
 she left her HEART in san francisco...(sorry i couldn't resist.)
love this one too!  look at the golden gate bridge in the HEART!
 the next two are photos of natural hot springs..
 both of these hot springs were found in the shape of...
you guessed it...HEARTS!!!
isn't nature amazing.
 a HEART tree stump...how could you not take a picture on this chunk of love?
and finally to go along with our cup of love shots yesterday...
kate's latte love!

thank you sweet kate for being so understanding.
i am so sorry for breaking blog etiquette with your beautiful photo.

please visit kate at her blog HERE
or her facebook page HERE...

tell her the HEART thief sent you!!!

February 8, 2012

heart and seek...day 8

day 8....
the very first art retreat i ever went on brought me so many dear sweet friends.
all of them are incredibly talented and in a way that has been so "rare" from 
any of the other retreats i have attended...ALL of us have stayed close.
elizabeth halt is one of these sisters of mine.
she is a master behind the lens and gratefully shared this 
HEART discovery with me the other day...
 i think the HEART gods knew i was getting a bit discouraged with 
the "lack" of HEART discoveries this year...
so last night one landed on my dinner plate.
"thank you!!!!"
i love this next discovery!
one of my dearest friends in the world rachel awes 
shared this with me.  guess what it is?
it's the shell of her hubby ben's, african leopard tortoise.
see the HEART right there?  soooo wonderful!!!

this one may be just me, REALLY wanting to find some HEARTS out there.
i was reading the blog of one of my favorite artists...beth billups
she was sharing a recipe for tortilla soup and i could have sworn i saw a celery in the top left hand side of the bowl that was screaming...
"here i am!  a HEART discovery"
i shared it with beth and she let me know that it was not celery but avocado.
even better...avocado love!!!!
at any rate...if you don't agree with me on the HEART
i KNOW you'll agree that beth is an amazing artist
and her soup probably rocks too!
 i love when yummy drinks not only warm our bodies and our souls
but also warm our HEARTS.
this cup of love was shared with me by the sweet catherine reeves
...here are some more yummy HEARTS 
that have come my way in a mug of goodness....
 shared by another "unearth" sister of mine last year...kate daniels
another by rachel awes
this HEART was my own discovery last year as i was reading the new 
somerset magazine which featured my sweet friend

stay warm and search before you sip...
you never know where a HEART may be hiding...