February 14, 2012

HEART and seek....day 14

day 14
 here is a little valentine i painted up for all my friends...
"i mustache you a question...will you be my valentine?"

well...we are at the end of HEART and seek...3rd edition

my sweet dad made me a HEART birdhouse for valentines.
he is really handy at everything, but especially awesome at wood working.
he left it unfinished so me and my girls can get all artsy on it.
he also gave me a hilarious card 
and a box of HEART chocolates from V chocolates.
a yummy local chocolatier in utah.
thanks daddy!!  i will totally be your valentine!!

thanks to all who played or followed along this year.
if nothing else..i hope i opened your eyes to be on the lookout for HEARTS
for, behind every HEART is love and it can be in the most unexpected places...
 like a flower pedal...
 or in your scrambled eggs...
 when you are sewing...
 or hiking in the desert...
 love can be found in the mundane things...like vacuuming.
 or cleaning up after a pizza party...
 don't forget to look up often...
 or pay attention the next time you visit the cemetary....
even the curb at target can offer some affection if you're open to it...
and don't cry over spilt milk...
there are HEARTS to be found there as well.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you also. I have been enjoying your hearts. I was inspired by you when I wrote my current post

  2. you, sweet girl, are awesome. thank you for sharing all of these amazing hearts...

  3. this entire post made my heart so happy!!!!!

    and the valentine you created .... C!!!!! IT IS SO STINKIN CUTE!!!!! I LOVE IT!

    your heart is so huge ... i am so blessed to call you my dear, dear Nestor!


    ps...your dad is pretty incredible ... love his sweet gifts for you and cannot wait to see the birdhouse after it is all artsy-ed up!!

  4. Fantastic!

    Just dropping by to wish you a very happy Valentine's Day...
    I'd love to stay, but I really "moustache"!

    Hee hee!



  5. Eye candy from you blog. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.

  6. Wonderful! Such great reminders to keep our eyes and hearts open. Happy, happy hearts to you today!!

  7. oh chrissy,
    THAT LIL' BRANCH from looking up!
    it took my breath away...such a gentle
    little reach of life can hold so much heart!
    i've enjoyed your whole collection so!
    + big love i send you to your papa heart too.
    LOVE you. xoxox

  8. love all the hearts posts! happy valentines day to you!

  9. Thanks for your continual inspiration and warmth, sweet Chrissy. And I'm so happy to finally some of your art posted here! That valentine is fabulous!

  10. I enjoyed the heart and seek SO much!!! I have also noticed hearts more now than ever. Thanks for your posts and making us more aware.

  11. oh I just love all your hearts! and I can't wait to play again next year! I'll be on the hunt all year... :) luv u


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