February 1, 2012

Heart and Seek.... 3rd edition

Thirty days hath september, 
April,June,and November.
 FEBRUARY has twenty eight alone,
 All the rest have thirty one. 
Except leap year; that's the time 
When FEBRUARY's days are twenty nine. 

(Or something like that)
 It's here! The month of LOVE! the month of HEARTS!
so let's begin our game of HEART and SEEK!!!
 The past two years have brought some amazing HEART finds and so this year I am going to change the rules a bit and share these discoveries alongside the HEARTS that have popped up more recently... Let's get started shall we?
i always love the tree HEARTS!
this one comes from a wonderful photographer and friend, Patty Waite
and this is the first of "many" heart surprises
we have all found sneaking into our mouths.
this potato chip landed on my dear friend, rachel awes plate.
(no wonder she is so sweet...she's always eating lots of love!)
i love this one from the archives.  a painted HEART from above.
from a beautiful soul, friend and artist...peggy krantz
another woman stitched into my own HEART, 
made this awesome ball of love last year...
my wise, amazing, talented, sweet friend, patrice longmire

i hope these little HEART treasures have inspired you to be on the lookout for love and HEARTS all around you.  they are slow in the discovery for me this year, but i KNOW they are out there and i am determined to seek them out!!!

(again, if you have a HEART to share with us
please email me HERE...)


  1. love the hearts, chrissy!
    + i can barely get over the sky!!
    i want to grab a blanket + lay under it + dreamdreamdream!
    i'm so glad you are doing this wonderful heart seeking again. love you so! xox

  2. i love that you are doing this!!
    i find myself looking at everything trying to see a heart in it.:D

  3. I'm back... posted a note on my blog today about participating! hope you don't mind? here's my post http://silverlinings4me.blogspot.com/2012/02/heart-seek-3rd-edition.html

  4. Thanks for sharing my tree heart, Chrissy! This one was from a beautiful area in northern Nevada.


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