February 8, 2012

heart and seek...day 8

day 8....
the very first art retreat i ever went on brought me so many dear sweet friends.
all of them are incredibly talented and in a way that has been so "rare" from 
any of the other retreats i have attended...ALL of us have stayed close.
elizabeth halt is one of these sisters of mine.
she is a master behind the lens and gratefully shared this 
HEART discovery with me the other day...
 i think the HEART gods knew i was getting a bit discouraged with 
the "lack" of HEART discoveries this year...
so last night one landed on my dinner plate.
"thank you!!!!"
i love this next discovery!
one of my dearest friends in the world rachel awes 
shared this with me.  guess what it is?
it's the shell of her hubby ben's, african leopard tortoise.
see the HEART right there?  soooo wonderful!!!

this one may be just me, REALLY wanting to find some HEARTS out there.
i was reading the blog of one of my favorite artists...beth billups
she was sharing a recipe for tortilla soup and i could have sworn i saw a celery in the top left hand side of the bowl that was screaming...
"here i am!  a HEART discovery"
i shared it with beth and she let me know that it was not celery but avocado.
even better...avocado love!!!!
at any rate...if you don't agree with me on the HEART
i KNOW you'll agree that beth is an amazing artist
and her soup probably rocks too!
 i love when yummy drinks not only warm our bodies and our souls
but also warm our HEARTS.
this cup of love was shared with me by the sweet catherine reeves
...here are some more yummy HEARTS 
that have come my way in a mug of goodness....
 shared by another "unearth" sister of mine last year...kate daniels
another by rachel awes
this HEART was my own discovery last year as i was reading the new 
somerset magazine which featured my sweet friend

stay warm and search before you sip...
you never know where a HEART may be hiding...


your comments put the biggest smile on my face!
thank you so very much!