February 4, 2012

heart and seek....day 4

day 4...
 i love how mother nature so often manifests her love in HEARTS...
ok, so obviously she didn't send this rock out, all painted and beautiful.
my love (and trust) rocks were painted by one of my 
dearest, bestest friends in the whole world..kolleen harrison
 this was a very green piece of utah love we discovered right after our move here.
 i have yet to walk a beach and NOT find a little HEART gift.
next time you are on the beach...open your eyes..
i promise, love will be waiting there for you.
i walked right on top of this sweet HEART find...
it wasn't until one of my kids yelled...
"mom!!!  you walked right on top of one of your favorite things
...a HEART rock!!!"
so grateful my children are learning to keep their eyes open to love as well.

what kind of love has mother nature gifted you lately?

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  1. ooooooooh, i love THAT table!
    + kolleen! + you!
    + all your hearts!


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