February 3, 2012

heart and seek....day 3

day 3
 this is not a photo i took myself..i was digging around the internet for a painting of a camera for my daughters room and i came across this 
and LOVED it!!!  
you can buy your own print HERE.
 this was a super cool peace HEART wind chime i found just this morning at a local art and vintage hardware store.
this metal HEART was also hanging at the same store...
i loved the HEART shadows it cast on all the brick walls behind it.
and from the archives comes these raining blown glass HEARTS
that i found at an arts festival in scottsdale arizona.

hope you are keeping your eyes peeled for these tokens of love all around us.
enjoy the weekend.


  1. thank you for sharing your heart(s) with us! have a magical weekend sweet girl!! xox

  2. You know I have so many hearts... Just need to figure out how to get them to you... Big heart blessings to you sweet friend.

  3. Love your hearts and YOUR heart! ♥


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