February 6, 2012

heart and seek....day 6

day 6...
HEARTS are everywhere in art. 
i almost always have one peeking out somewhere or other in my pieces.
 this "she loved HEARTS..every one's"
is from artist (and sweetest lady ever...) peggy krantz.
 what's better than turquoise (my fav) and HEARTS? 
probably nothing.
 another HEART that snuck into one of my pieces.
going HEART crazy on my daughters wall.
HEART doodles from the HEART of my sweet friend...jennifer beltoff

what HEARTS have you found winding up in your creations lately?


  1. Thanks for all these Arty Hearts! Too irrisistable, the big blue heart on the bit white wall!

  2. Your're right - they are everywhere in art - especially mixed media! I have been zentangling hearts this week. Fun, fun and very relaxing!

  3. I love your heart and seek, Chrissy!

  4. i love all these hearts......and yours is the biggest heart of all for sharing them with us!! happy week to you, sweet heART girl!! xoxo


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