February 2, 2012

Heart and Seek...day 2

ready for day 2....
{my measuring spoons)
but you CAN eat it...
what's better than one HEART bean showing up in your 
yummy cafe rio pork barbacoa salad?
two HEART beans showing up in your cafe rio pork barbacoa salad!!!!
it's looking like we probably eat more HEARTS in our food than we realize...
chicken, especially loves to surprise us in the shape of a HEART.
orange chicken HEART!
spinach chicken salad HEART!
costco chicken nugget HEART!
wendy's chicken nugget HEART!
{we eat a lot of chicken apparently}

and to get your mind off chicken
and because it snowed in utah today...
i love this photo of a snowy HEART from last year i believe.
shared by the sweet kristin dudish.
{she has a great blog as well so go say hi!}

it's been fun to catch up with several of you through comments and emails sharing your HEART love...i am in love with the fact that you are playing along again this year and keeping your HEART open to HEARTS everywhere...


  1. if you want the celery heart (no you're not crazy) it's all yours but i'm on the lookout for something even more special for heart and seek : )

  2. oops..what was i thinking..that's avocado NOT celery!

  3. Wow - I have to start looking more closely at my food before shoveling it into my mouth!!

  4. weird - I've never seen heart beans before! :)


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