February 12, 2012

heart and seek...day 11

day 11...
 some of my most favorite HEART finds are the ones we may
have missed if we weren't keeping our eyes open to love.
this is a sea foam HEART from the beautiful patrice longmire
i love that she spotted this before she stepped on it or it was washed away.
i have a cute friend that i met at "an artful journey".  
she is amazingly talented in so many ways.
her name is stella singleton.
she shared this with me the other day...
"Dunkin Doughnuts" is offering HEART shaped doughnuts this month.
who knew!  they are just as cute as i'm sure they are tasty.
thanks stella!
catherine reeves from an angel in the garden shared another goodie with me.
her friend picked this HEART love right from the tree for her.
i love it when HEARTS occur so sweetly like this.
another goodie from patty waite  (thank goodness for patty waite)
she always comes through for me at this game.
this is a classic!

3 days of HEART and seek left!!!
be on the lookout!


  1. I took that shot after Valentines last year, but used it this year on the cards I sent to my family. Thanks for sharing!

  2. cool donuts - who knew?! and that Patty Waite...good cookie, she is. :)


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