February 5, 2012

heart and seek....day 5

day 5...
because today is the super bowl and i happen to love football 
i thought i'd dig up some HEARTS to show my love and support.
where was this when i needed a cute football mom shirt?
 clever...a HEART painted onto the yard marker line on the field.
don't plan on seeing that today between the patriots and the giants.
ummmm...i say yes to love on the football field!
ok..enough football.
this is martha stewarts HEART rock collection.
seriously?  is there nothing the woman doesn't collect.
i actually have a pretty extensive HEART rock collection myself...
i might have to steel her display idea.
this sweet token of love was left behind last year
from a furry woodland creature as he was hopping through the snow...
and the sweetest ever, rachel awes was the lucky one to receive it.

enjoy your day of rest...(or at least in theory)


  1. wishing you a sunday full of fun, food, family and football!

    ps: i accidentally deleted your comment on my blog but wanted to say i sooo appreciate your kind words : )

  2. hi chrissy~ so glad to have you back!!! thanks for stopping by my blog the other day to say "hi". i felt the love :) happy to see you are loving your new digs in utah, can't wait to hear more as time goes by. xxoo

  3. I second Cindy! it's great to have you back and just in time for the 'heart' month!! It would have been dull February without your "Heart and Seek" posts =-)

  4. that IS a good rock collection. :)


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