February 12, 2012

heart and seek...day 12

day 12...
 well, we are on our final stretch of HEART and seek.

my daughter texted me this photo from school recently.
that is her sweetest friend, zoe, behind that chip bag
and this is her awesome school lunch HEART find.
thank you lay's potato chips 
and thank you girls for playing along with me!
i love this one.  it came about in such a cute way.
kelly from chasing hugo shared this with me.
her son had taken his soap and broke it all to pieces...
what emerged from the wreckage was a squeaky clean reminder of love.
soap heART!!!
i have a pretty amazing group of friends that i met at "unearth"
i've mentioned several of them in these posts.
one AMAZING artist that you really should check out 
and follow, if you aren't already is kelly barton.
she shared this awesome HEART with me last year (or the year before)
her art always makes me smile.
love you kelly!
 a favorite blog i visit when i want some fresh inspiration is dottie angel.
do any of you follow her?
i loved this idea of cascading HEARTS from book pages 
that she shared years back.  i've made so many for myself and others since then.
aren't they just the best!!
here's a photo of some i made for a special group of women in sedona
this one brings me joy because it's straight from the inspiration board
of my cute daughter tess.  she's 16.
i love how her HEART reminds her each day to be happy!
i want to be like her when i grow up!

hope you all find a happy HEART today too!


  1. what great and lovely (not to mention diverse!) HEART finds!!

  2. Nice heart discoveries...how lovely to have people send you heart pics...you are loved me thinks....you've also prompted me to head over to dottie angels where i haven't been for ages....take care...


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