May 23, 2011

Safe Place All Can Embark...SPACE

10 women from around the country {and three in our hearts}
 gathered in sedona, arizona recently.
it was the dream of 3 girls to provide a SPACE where some hearts could reunite
and some hearts could merge for the first time.
the love explosion that occurred was priceless.
we broke bread together.
we created together.
we learned from one another.
we enjoyed the amazing beauty that surrounded us...together.
but most of all..we just loved one another.

i HIGHLY suggest you...
cultivate a SPACE where you can gather together souls you love and adore

and to these women...
i adore you!!!!


  1. Loved this post Chrissy-felt like I was just there again. you are such an amazing really capture the moments so well. I sure miss you and all of your sweetness. Hows everything going with the move? I'm sure you are so so busy. Sending you lots of love and missing you!
    Love, Kelly

  2. oh my goodness Chrissy. I am reading this post again and my heart is filled with so much love. The images you have captured transport me back and are each swirling with love. My heart is fully, my so is happy, and I am incredibly grateful for that space. Keeping my fingers crossed we get to do it again. xoxo


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