May 7, 2011

mothers...especially mine!

carolyn ann wallace spurrier

it.s here again.  that time of year when we celebrate mothers.
and aunts.  and sisters.  and next door neighbor ladies.
in essence, the women who had some hand 
in molding us into the people we are today.

mothers day is always bitter sweet for me.
this is the 7th mothers day i have spent without my mom.
every year that goes by, still stings like the first.

see...i have an angel mother.
she was an angel even when she was alive on this earth.
{you just couldn't see her wings}

just two days ago i had a really bad crumby, crappy, all out sobbing kind of day.
one of those days where i would have just picked up the phone 
and immediately called my mom.     but i couldn.t.
 and although i have amazing people in my life that are there for me,
no one was going to do but her.

my mom was that bridge for me...that when i crossed it...
there was safety.
and warmth.
and unconditional love.
there was sensitivity.
and strong arms.
and patience.
there was listening
and sometimes saying nothing...which often said everything.
there was strength.
and poise.
and prayer.
and faith.
and testimony.

what a blessing it was {and is...} to be
carolyn ann wallace spurrier's
daughter.     her only daughter.
i realize that not everyone had a mother like mine.
i realize that some of you will never feel about your mothers,
the way i feel about mine.
i realize that there are those of you out there who are experiencing 
your first mothers day without your mom...
...or your 5th or your 10th or your 20th.
i realize that there are children whose mothers have been taken too soon.
and i realize that many of you have stepped in to be a mother to a child
or children where there wasn't one.

to every woman who "creates" 
and who loves and cares for another...
i wish you 
a blessed mothers day!!!
i honor you!


  1. Ohhh Chrissy, You know I am thinking of you! I love the photo of you and your mom.... It's so similar to the one I just posted on my blog! May you have a Happy Mother's Day... I know our mom's are watching over us today, tomorrow and all days! xoxox - Kim

  2. This is one of the most beautiful posts Chrissy. I hope you know that YOU are the same as you describe your mom... I'm sorry that she isn't here with you, but I know she is feeling your perfect love in heaven.

    Happy Mom's Day to you... you are one of the BEST!

  3. Oh C....this is just beautiful.
    it made me cry.

    i am certain your children feel the same way about you as you do your mom. you were raised by an angel ... and are now carrying that on to your babies.

    i honor you and am wrapping my arms around you in the
    bittersweetness of what tomorrow brings.

    i love you.

  4. an all out sobbing day?!
    that's ALL I CAN THINK now.
    my physical arms can't get
    soon enough to youuuuuuu.
    & happy mothers day, deer,
    & love to that angel of your mama.

  5. I feel your bittersweet feelings. I lost my mom 17 years ago....way too early. I also lost both of my grandmas at the end of last year. Hugs to you Chrissy!

  6. Chrissy,
    She is lovely; I have a Mother like yours and found out at a young age, how lucky I was~ I am so happy you have such beautiful, cherished memories of your time with her. I know your children know her through you and your experiences and attention to detail! xXx Happy Mother's Day! We keep their memory alive the more we share...

  7. Beautiful post, Chrissy. You can tell how special your mama was by the way you speak of her. I'm sure she felt equally as lucky to have you as her daughter. Big hugs and Happy Mother's Day to you, friend. XXOO

  8. what a stunning tribute to her and the photos so sweet .. i know how you feel about the missing..big hugs !!

  9. Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for sharing about your Mom with us. It sounds like she was a wonderful woman and you are a testament to that!! Blessings and hugs to you!

  10. Such sweet, sweet pictures Chrissy! I've lost my mum long ago, when i was 20 - but somehow, she lives on with me - in the way i treat my own family. I'm so grateful for what she gave me - but i know the bittersweet feeling today as well! Cheers to you, beautiful friend. You are a GORGEOUS mum yourself and your mum can be so proud of you! xx

  11. Chrissy, so beautiful, sad, sweet, poignant and touching all at the same time. For me the first Mother's Day was really, really tough since my mom died in April. Now I see it as a way to honor her memory, which I will do for the rest of my life. I totally get about calling your mom (or dad too, in my case)when you are feeling low. There is no one that can fill that role in the same way. Hopefully it helps to know that we are all here cheering you on and sending love and virtual hugs!!!

  12. sweet chrissy, you made me tear up with your honesty and love. have a beautiful mother's day. you are precious! xo

  13. Oh Chrissy,

    You have made me cry again. You write from such a place of depth, a place inside the heart that has a secret door. You seem to be able to open this door and let us in always reminding us of the good stuff despite the hardships and the pain. I love you dear girl and I wrap my Mama Bear arms around you. Happy Mother's Day to you. xoxo

  14. you are th ultimate momma. you embrace it with such passion. tears fill my eyes for what you have done for me and my babies. thank you for sharing your love with us unconditionally. love, love, love you!

  15. Every time I come here, I am touched by your sweet and loving spirit...thank you.


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