April 29, 2011

girlfriends are a necessity of life...

my goodness!
how can it have possibly been 2 weeks since i wrote last?
where does the time go?
my little girlie get-away was oh so amazing.
 this was our view from the house we rented together in logan, utah.
i was overjoyed that it rained during our visit since rain is a rarity in phoenix.
{and we spent almost 98% of our time in our pajamas anyway so rain away}
 this is what happens when 8 women go to the store HUNGRY...
...and fill their separate carts with NO MEAL PLAN!!
we could have fed all of you in those 4 days!!! and your families too!
 luckily we had some clever culinary women amongst us...
 who knew how to throw things together....
and pamper us with their kitchen skills.
{sorry mel i didn.t get a photo of the JAMBALAYA!!!! you rocked it though!}
we came together with no agenda...just love.
 we each brought our separate art forms to work on...
 a lot of painting...
 a little stitching...
i think christy brought her entire art studio...
{but in her defense...she had a deadline to meet!!}
 one of our outings took us to "the bluebird" for lunch
it.s a neat old restaurant in the middle of town.
 {who is the silly photographer in the mirror...ooops}
 {i am pretty sure my grandma spurrier ate horehound candy back in the day!}
{these girls can ingest some serious whip cream...
the waitress finally just came back with the entire can of it for our table!}
 this was a hilarious shot i snapped of my girls taking a picture of ........
THIS... bluebird on the ceiling.  artists are so funny!
we made sure to get our antique and thrift store shopping in.
 we shared advice....and found some along the way...
we had an impromptu photo shoot...
you can read more about it on sweet jeanne oliver's blog.
i am so grateful to christy tomlinson for gathering together her "trues".
her girlfriends.  her soul sisters.
my circle of friendships was strengthened and i even added a beautiful new 
sister to my family of friends...love you jamie soucy.
{she even lives in the town i am moving to this summer..such a blessing}

as i said in my last post.

i can.t tell you how blessed i feel to have the opportunity 
to gather with such women...
to refuel.
to lift and be lifted.
to have my spirit fed.
to be inspired.
to laugh.
to eat.
to laugh..
to play.
to laugh...
to color.
to sew.

girlfriends are a necessity of life!

cultivate girlfriends!!


  1. I love my husband dearly but there's nothing like spending time with your besties! I'm happy for you sister!
    Let me know when you'll be in Utah and I'll plan a trip!
    Love and hugs to you,]

  2. I am so glad you had a great time. It loks amazing. yeah!!!!!
    I am so lookig forward to seeing you... Love you

  3. So happy to hear you had an amazing time!! Great pictures! Girlfriends are the best! Thanks for sharing! xo

  4. Woweee, it looks like a piece of sisterfriend heaven was had! So happy for you :) Thanks for sharing these pics and memories of your glorious trip!

  5. So glad to have you back....but even more glad that you had the time to get filled up with friends!!

  6. Yay! I've missed you! I love that photo of everybody taking a picture of the bird. Hahaha! It's hilarious. I'm so happy for you! It looks like you had a really great time. :)

  7. i wish i could have seen you while you were here SO close but i'm so glad you had a wondertime.
    i love your pics and you look SO pretty.
    i have been thinking about you alot- i hope life is good and treating you well sweet chrissy,

  8. What a fun trip! Good for you!

  9. i so love all the food on the table you gals bought, but even more i love the fact that someone picked up a curling iron!!!
    ~ girls will be girls, still got to get our cute on even when we are with our girlfriends ((: and boy what a cute group of gals you all are!!!
    such FUN...glad you had a great time!!!

  10. i adore you and this time that was had by all!!!!

    "cultivate girlfriends" ... amen to that!!!

    loving you GIANT!

  11. oh chrissy,
    it is a candy jar
    to scroll down
    this girlfriend post.
    how i especially
    l o v e
    that stitching
    in progress
    & the series
    of signs
    along the road.
    welcome home,
    i send you
    that now say
    good morning.
    this day
    is for you.
    the world
    cracks open
    even the
    birds know it
    as they

  12. This is so lovely! One thing I miss since going back to school and work is that I don't have much time for girlfriends. I need to be making time. You can come to Boise and I'll take you to my favorite spots!

  13. chrissy, this looks wonderful! i am so in need of something like that! i love how it all fell together; the food, the crafting, the laughter,the artists taking photos....what a blessing! thanks for sharing...inspires me to plan something little for my "trues"! xxoo

  14. oh wow...looks like great fun was seriously had by all. nothing like getting away and enjoying friends and new friends, especially when it involves creating something and the great outdoors. just a tad jealous...;-)j/k

  15. Cool! It looks like you had such a fabulous, girlie time! I am not at all jealous......ok maybe I am! I love that you had such a good time! ♥

  16. oh wow! I can just feel the love and laughter oozing out of those photos! that one of everyone looking up & taking a picture of the bird is too cute!

  17. As I looked though the photos I found myself nodding my head like I was actually there and remembering the fun... your photos and words do that to me. xxx

  18. I'm so glad you had time with the girlies...it's so important for us, right?


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