April 12, 2011

d.i.y. cake stands

i love to shop at second hand stores.
they are like a HUGE treasure chest for me.   i was giving a baby shower awhile back and needed several cake stands.  they were so expensive new...
so away to my favorite thrift store and a new project was born.
i found several glass candle sticks from .99 to $1.99.
and lonely white plates from .99 to $3.99
first everyone gets a good hot bubble bath.
 next take e-6000 glue {you can get this at craft stores or wal-mart}
trace around the top edge of your candlestick with the glue
 with your plate face down on your work surface, tip the glue side of your candlestick over and stick it to the plate.
 make sure you push it down firmly.
...oh and make sure you don.t drip glue all over your kitchen table...ooops!
measure each side of the candlestick to make sure it is in the center
 of the bottom of the plate.
then take a finger and make a seal around the candlestick as you wipe up the extra glue, making sure you don.t move it's position
continue this process with all your new little pieces.
then let them sit and have a good nights rest in this position.
 the next day you can add fun ribbon or vintage finds to the candlesticks.
i love how they look all mixed and matched.
 while i was shopping i also picked up a few glass candleholders 
for $1.00 a piece
i filled them with pink candies...it was a baby GIRL shower after all...
 and for the price of one "new" cake stand...
 i had a whole family of cake stands and yummy candy dishes!

anyone having a baby soon?  this was just too much fun!

*a cultivate tip:  i love that you can easily change out the ribbon and findings to match whatever wonderful morsels you are going to place on your stands.  i also made some really "funky" cake stands out of crazy plates and bases, 
but thats for another post someday!*

cultivate your ability to turn something old into something new again.


  1. Chrissy these are so fab! I love them, and so simple but look really amazing. :) x

  2. Love it! This is such a coincidence that you posted this today...I'm planning a baby girl shower for a good friend of mine. We're having a tea party and I'm going to have fancy hats and pearls for all the ladies to wear! Thanks for sharing, it turned out so cute!

  3. Love these! I recently did the same thing with a silver=plated candle stick and a pretty pink plate to use as a jewelry display. But yours have candy in them so I like them better =-)


  4. chrissy! brilliant, deer!
    i love how they are each different
    & even more lovely then together!
    & i love the making something old
    into new...both literally & about our
    whole lives.
    you take the cake. yes you do.
    i love you soooooo.
    lighting a candle for you... xoxoo

  5. Okay sweet friend... ADORABLE!! Love the little candle holders turned into sweet candy dishes. I bet that new momma felt so special..... You do have a way of doing that.... You excel at making people feel special.
    I agree, you do take the cake!

  6. This is so dang cute!!!! Can't wait to see your next creations too!

  7. You even make glue look pretty! LOVE this idea. Brilliant! Thanks for showing all the steps ;) xo

  8. Fabulous idea! Love it and seeing the process! I want to rush out, get some lovely things and glue them together!

  9. These are amazing! Love this idea. Thinking about how I can use it for the upcoming retreat... then it'll almost be like you are there in spirit :-)

  10. Gorgeous Chrissy. I just picked up a stack of beautiful vintage plates at the thrift store last weekend. Now you've got me thinking about going back to look for candle holders.

    Hope life is treating you well my gorgeous friend. Miss you.

  11. oh those are awesome! I love how you can use them over and over again. Very creative!

  12. wonderful project Chrissy. i have always wanted to try this. when you move here we will do some 2nd hand shopping!
    have a beautiful day sweet friend. xoxo

  13. What a great project! Must remember this on my next visit to the flea-market! I've always wanted a cake stand - and these look so cute. better than most you can buy!

  14. I love this idea Chrissy. We will be having a baby shower for my daughter-in-law in a few months. So....so cute! Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. Seriously, you are way too creative. I love this idea...I'm filing it away.

  16. What a cool and clever idea! Your pictures add to the excitement of the idea! Have fun!!

  17. i love your new cake stands! i might have to do that with a single small plate i have - i just have to find a small candlestick for it...

    YAY! another great reason to go thrift shopping, which i love to do =-)

    and I agree with Claire M that the pictures of the project in progress are inspiring!

  18. So, so pretty Chrissy! Time to hit the thrift store. :)

  19. oh, how fun are these!?! great job, Chrissy! they all look so lovely placed on your table!

  20. This is my first time visiting with you. I love everything about your blog.
    LOVED. LOVED. LOVED the plates. I’m so looking forward to coming back soon.

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  22. I can't wait to make one of these! They are just beautiful!

  23. Those are such pretty cake stands - love them! I definitely need something better than a plate.

    cake stand & tableware


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