April 6, 2011

right turn only...

 recently...one of my three sons was faced with making a really hard decision.
it would have been way easier for him to take the path of least resistance,
...as often times teenagers do.
but he made a deep, obedient, heartfelt choice.
one that isn.t considered "popular" or "cool" by the standards of today's youth,
...but clearly the "right"thing to do.
and guess what?
it was hard!!!
often times in life we are faced with choosing between "right" and "wrong".
sometimes the "right" choice is so clear.
but sometimes it is opaque.  it's clouded.  it's misty.
we have to really study it out in our minds and in our hearts.
many times choosing the right isn.t easy.
i know this to be true....
doing the "right" thing.  making the "right"decision...

will always be worth it!!!

cultivate the courage it takes to make the "right" choice for YOU!


  1. Yay! to your son (and to you)...
    He is very lucky to have you as his mom!


  2. You my dear are an amazing mom!! Good for your son to make the right decision despite it being the harder way to go. But of course he would, look who his mom is!!

    I got chills reading that letter you wrote him. Each and every person should have that kind of support from a parent.


  3. What a wonderful message :) You are such a bright spirit. So glad to know you!!!

  4. Can you copy that letter for me and I'll just hand it to my own kiddos as needed. Great message, friend. It's like, "Go where the peace is." Not always easy, but always worth it. :)

  5. When there is loads of love and embracing support the right thing to do is always that much easier =-)


  6. I'm sure that choice was easier for him knowing that you were there for him, supporting and loving him. You are a wonderful mama!

  7. ooooooooooooh. sweet momma note. you must be proud. the job of raising a child capable of making those tough but right decisions sometimes seems overwhelming! But all of that investment is paying off!

  8. Oh, I love this, Chrissy! I have been a terrible blog visitor lately and have missed your upbeat,insightful space! You are such a good mom...and what a hard lesson for your son...for all of us! Thank you for inspiring all of us! xxoo

  9. His testimony to our Young Women was A-MaZiNg. The spirit was so strong and not a dry eye. I feel so blessed to know such a remarkable family. Love everyone of you and so glad your Dillion is a strong one.

  10. chrissy. so happy for you and your family. what a great mama you are. what strong, amazing children you. way to ctr. way to go to your sweet son! so happy. loves. stace

  11. awwwwwwww! amen and yes.

    that boy of yours must be proud of himself, one way or another.


  12. You're so right Chrissy, sometimes, it's not so easy to see what is right! All the better to have a mum like you, who has such a sweet way of helping her kids to make the best choice! Have a lovely weekend!

  13. I love how you celebrated his choice; Life is hard and it is refreshing to know that not everyone is taking the easy road! We need to celebrate every time our children choose the path less taken~
    Beautiful...thanks for sharing!xXx

  14. Teaching our kids to make choices from the heart, from their core values clarifies our decision making- our core values don't change on a whim or based on popular choice or easy way outs- they are our center. I believe its the greatest gift you can live out in front of your children and pass on.

  15. Good for him! And kudos to your excellent mommy skills!

  16. Amen to that! It WILL be worth it. You are so very right about that. Sometimes...the harder the "right" choice is..makes it even sweeter in the end. You are such a good Mommy! :)

  17. Popping in to say hello...it's been a while! I finally have more time to read my favorite blogs again now that I am done with teaching YAY!!!

    So wonderful to see you guiding your son in such a loving way. You are one classy mama sweet Chrissy! xoxo

  18. Isn't that the case --- the hard lessons or choices are usually the ones we learn the most from and remember and consequently the ones that impact more than just our reality! What a blessing you are Chrissy to your son and showing him the love you have by guiding him. :-) Truly one of the many gifts you possess!


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