April 1, 2011

ahh weekends...

a little hope for my weekend.
what is your hope for the upcoming days?

cultivate time to do something you love


  1. Art sounds wonderful, sitting outside in the garden, going kayaking on Sunday and finishing our tax return (not so fun, but it'll feel good when it's done!). Enjoy your artsy weekend!! Love, Silke

  2. One day of rain will be spent inside.. probably more cleaning than I like, but my reward is always a good book, and some me time in my art room. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Sunday truly does dry up and I can get into my flower beds and weed... and build a raised bed for my new asparagus starts... and, and, and... the list just goes on! :)

  3. i hope you show us your art!
    (our sam recently scrolled down
    your blog posts & wanted to SEE
    chrissy art!)
    the 4 of us are at the cabin,..
    pretty sunrise this morning.
    played scrabble last night.
    PLAY & REST. & hopeful deer sightings. :)
    lol, deer! xoxxoo

  4. happy arting today!!! art away.

  5. yes that sounds like a DELIGHTFUL weekend!

  6. yes me too! Hoping to make some art, get some sleep and get over the family 'events' that have been happening. Happy art making :)


  7. Hi Chrissy.....I noticed your sweet comment on Tara's blog and how bummed you were to miss our Vintage Barn sale at our farm today....Just want to let you know that we're scheduling another one in late fall - again at our farm - and I believe Tara has plans for one in different parts of the valley.

    Here's our farm blog - www.thesimplefarmmarketgarden.com

    pss....we LOVE portland and lived there for 5 years. :-)

  8. art art art! and a little rest;-)

  9. Lovely sign! Thanks for you sweet comment on my spring self portrait!

  10. hope you had a wonderful art-filled weekend Chrissy! :)

  11. I got your comment but couldn't reply because your reply feature is not enabled. So I just followed your blogger link over here.

    I am so sorry that you missed it! I am putting a post together right now about the vendors and everyone that was involved, we had an amazing time despite the 100 degree temps. I'm doing it again in June, so keep reading the blog to see when and where. It will be inside, and probably closer to Mesa and Tempe this time.

    Tara www.junkrestore.com

  12. My hope is that I really soak it all in at Artfest. And be open to possibilities and discovering... Btw, yes I was in Palm Springs a couple of weeks ago
    for a bachlorette weekend. It was a quick, whirlwind of a trip otherwise I would have totally connected with you! :) miss your smiley face!


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