December 20, 2009


my merry christmas present

i missed a thankful heart on thursday this week, but i had a very good reason.  you see, my old p.c. which had been crashing on a weekly basis, did another crash again right in the middle of finals and christmas card making and blog commenting and recipe downloading and party organizing and lots of other merriment and computer skills needed type of activities...and i had a minor little meltdown...
so a very sweet one in my home surprised me by bringing home this HUGE present.  i just plugged it in for the first time today after having all good things transferred over from the old PC...
i'm now just getting use to figuring out all the fun things it can do and can't wait to catch up with all of you wonderful friends who i love!
thanks to all who gave their input on the subject of MAC vs PC.  i can tell you that after less than 24 hrs. i am already hooked!
what is something you can't live without today?


  1. Chrissy...thank you for leaving one of the sweetest comments evah! and a big high five on your new mac (it makes things so much simpler and THAT is a gift!). i'm looking forward to checking out your blog and work once i'm back home...Happy Holidays!


  2. yeah for you! i love my mac, but it took me a long while to adjust from a pc. let me know if you have questions.

  3. Congratualtions, Chrissy!! I can so relate to your feelings of dependence on your computer. I have definitely been there and it was just appalling to me how terrrified I felt. Kind of sad, but that's the reality today - it is so woven into the fabric of our lives. Well, enjoy getting back to your projects! Lots of holiday love and cheer to you and your family!!

  4. YEA!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!! you will love your MAC. I think I have barely scratched the surface on all the fun things it can do. i am planning to go take a few classes after the holidays! so glad to hear you...i was gettin worried sister!!! let's try to talk over the holidays if at all possible...we have lots to discuss!!! i miss you tons and hope you are enjoying special time now that school is out!! i love you friend!

  5. what a present! i love the look of it! :)

  6. wonderful present! you'll love it!!!!!! :-)

  7. I just bought one of these for myself for Christmas... I am deeply in love with it, so easy to use. How are you finding yours?

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