December 16, 2009

...if you celebrate christmas or even if you don't.

i happen to celebrate christmas.  when i was growing up, many of the families i knew had a tradition of going to a local performance of g.f. handel's MESSIAH.  i always thought that this sounded fun and a sing-along would be perfect for me as i love to sing out loud, but don't know how to carry a tune, so it would be great having my voice covered by the beautiful voices of so many others.  after 41 years, i went to my first performance of the MESSIAH with my 14 yr. old daughter the other night.  it's was lovely.  a large choir and orchestra from my church presented the concert and the church building was packed with people from all walks of life...members and non-members alike.  my favorite part was when the whole audience stood during the "HALLELUJAH" chorus.  i guess that tradition started back in 1742 at the debut of handel's oratorio, when king george II rose to his feet during the "glorious strains". (who knew)  seeing so many people, young and old, come out on a busy sunday evening so close to Christmas was proof to me that there are still folks out there who are searching for peace and for answers and that this season is still about more than just santa claus and presents.  i have a new christmas tradition with my daughter now!

what kind of traditions do you have or think are neat?  i'd love to know!


  1. I have an annual traditional with my very dear Wise Woman and friend, Janet - i call it "Monica's Movie Matinee"! She is Jewish and doesn't celebrate the holiday so we watch bits of movies since she doesn't have TV or watch many pop films (her husband really likes foreign films!)

    We have been doing this event for the last few years and it's the highlight of all our visiting time together throughout the year - I can't wait to see her! =-)

  2. Ohhhhhh, that sounds lovely! One of my favorite traditions is going to the Nutcracker with my Mom and sister!

  3. Oh, Chrissy, this brings back memories. When I was a kid, we had a 4-record set (no, not cd's!) of the Messiah and I grew to love the music. As an adult, I would look every year in the paper for a performance and go by myself. I absolutely loved it! No one I knew, including my husband, would appreciate it anyway and I wasn't distracted - just totally into the music. It's been quite a while though.....

  4. hi sweets....that sounds like an awesome tradition to start with your daughter....VERY SPECIAL!!! love the history you talked about of the tradition and how it all began. miss you much!!
    my new tradition as of this year was each of us drawing a name out of a hat and creating/making something for that from the heart not the to speak! i had so much fun creating Kenzie's journal...i hope she fills it with all her hopes, dreams, wishes, and even her fears...fills it up with her words!!! xxooxxoo let's talk soon

  5. What a sweet tradition to start with your daughter!! Now that we are empty nest-ers and everyone else lives in Cali, our tradition is cooking, eating, talking, and just enjoying each other's company and the happy little nest we live in!
    I'm all signed up for Suzi's class-can't wait for you to join!
    Hugs to you,


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