February 27, 2010

...an artful journey {day 4}

you roll over in bed this morning marveling how it could already be sunday?
didn.t you just get here?
a huge breakfast, then straight to class.
as you are watching an early demo from kelly rae and mati, 
you see a ray of sunshine come through the door.
right there in the middle.  andrea scher.  superhero journal.  mondo beyondo.  
ben.s mom. (her best job i think)
has come up to spend the day.  you rush to give her a big hug.  
she was a vital part of your "be present" retreat in manzanita, oregon last fall.
she is lovely as always.  so present.  so very real.
mati rose, andrea and kelly rae...a triple scoop of your favorite people.
 mindy  from tims sally and danielle from le petite studio constantly make you smile ...
as you paint the afternoon away.
by the end of the day the books are assembled and adorned 
with ribbons, twine, old keys and rusty charms.
(this is miss danielle.s book)
the whole group from "an artful journey" gathers together to wrap it all up with a show & tell.
the level of talent present soars through the sky.  it speaks for itself.
albie smith.s class
d.j. pettitt.s class
lesley riley.s class
nina bagley.s class
see what i mean????  crazy, out of this world talent!!!
for one last time you stay up waaaaaaay too late with your new crazy friends.
tomorrow morning will be full of goodbyes....
it.s going to be hard to leave this "love journey"!

(tomorrow is the day for my family but come back on monday and we.ll finish our journey together)


  1. Chrissy!
    I am so loving experiencing the artful journey through your eyes! Thank you so much for the beautiful way you've captured it! Wishing you a lovely day with your family tomorrow.♥


  2. great post!

    i just love your posts on this amazing experience we all shared together =-)

    i'm missing you all =-(

  3. i have been reading kelly rae's blog forever and always have wanted to go on one of these retreats, it is on my bucket list! thanks for sharing your photos and good time experiences, i cannot wait to finally go on one of these! loved your blog and photos~cindy

  4. Oh Chrissy, you just make my heart sing! I will never forget the "Modern Family" skit you and Stella acted out for us on our last night together. It was HILARIOUS!!! You are a shining star of absolute LOVE and I ADORE you SO MUCH!

    I wish we could go out for coffee together...xo

  5. It was so great meeting you Chrissy--you have such a warm, positive energy! I'm so glad you and your peeps had such a great time; it warms my heart. Your photos are absolutely stunning...really. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. hugs, cindy

  6. I'm loving your art with the two faces - I didn't get to see it finished.

    And the photo of Stella, Beth, Mindy and Danielle just totally captures the spirit, energy and happiness of the days we spent together.

    We were some awesomely luck y girls for being part of this magic, HUH?

  7. WONDERFUL pics...WONDERFUL words...WONDERFUL you!!!


  8. I must say I am crazy green with envy!!
    But quite obviously you are absolutely where you are meant to be...and dear one you truly are an incredible, delightful artist

  9. Chrissy-thank you so much for visiting my blog! I have enjoyed reading through some of your posts. I really love the name of your blog, by the way...it reminds me of earthy, fertile, creativity! and I love the writing on your neck too!

  10. Yay! You are such a joy to be around Chrissy :) Thanks for being part of my artful journey!
    Mati Rose

  11. I just feel like I got the whole inside scoop - not quite as good as being there, but almost! Thanks for putting this all together, Chrissy dear. LOVE your painting!!

  12. I love how supportive and inspiring everyone was!
    I dream of stuff like this! I love your pics and descriptions...great artwork, great women!

    I am sooo happy you got to go; An Art escape, now that is my kind of vacation!!!

  13. chrissy, so the painting with the blue background is yours?!...love it's swirly sweet goodness! what a rockin' bouquet of people & materials for the heart & hand. you are sharing rainbows, dear one!


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