March 1, 2010 artful journey {day 5}

you wake this morning with a heavy heart.
not heavy with burden or worry,
but heavy with love for your new found friendships.
heavy with the memories you.ll carry home with you. 
memories of the fun you had together.
of the similarities between you.
and...the differences.
memories of newly found friends.  (me and mati rose)
(the ever so stylish and amazingly talented and sweet anna marie.)
(ann deakers of this apron i blogged about in january)
and memories of cultivating friendships already established.  (kelly rae)
mindy (who is already soaring as an artist herself)
there are many hugs and goodbyes as the taxi.s and rental cars drive away one by one.
and you find yourself alone.  walking a final time amongst the serene beauty of this place.
you hear your shuttle humming up the long drive towards the center.  it.s your turn to go.
you walk into the classroom for one last look.  one last exhale.
all is quiet.  except for your heart.  which is singing melodies of...
...your artful journey!


  1. Beautiful beautiful post Chrissy. Thanks for sharing and taking us on your artful journey. It was fun! ;-)

  2. lovely post my sweet sister!!

    i loved going on this journey with you.
    and just think... the next journey we will be together!!! : )

    all of the photos taken were wonderful...i especially like the photo of the mirrored images of the cottages and trees in the mossy water...very serene and peaceful.

    miss you and love you more!

  3. I feel you sister, oh how I feel you!

  4. beautiful! you really captured the experience. i loved the journey, thank you for sharing.

    love you bunches and bunches!

  5. oh wow I feel so heavy hearted reading this and seeing your lovely photos.

    Thanks for sharing this

  6. and what a journey it was!! such gorgeous memories to look back on....and keep you company until you plan your trip to go back next year!! your post is filled with magnificent photos and precious thoughts.....thank you, artful one! xox, :)))

  7. Oh, I don't want it to be over either. I have looked forward to your posts every day! It would be a dream come true to go to one of these retreats someday. It's been wonderful to have a glimpse of it! Thanks again Chrissy♥

    Your friend,

  8. those pictures are SO BEAUTIFUL, Chrissy!!

    i just love that group shot of everyone - we are all just GLOWING with JOY, are we not?!?? so many beautiful and talented women in one place - is that LEGAL??!?!?? ;)

  9. Chrissy,
    I love your perspective of the experience in your words and pictures. Simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing!! Andrea

  10. Such a thoughtful and meaningful telling of the whole Artful Journey experience. I just love all those little details you caught, and interesting to see "our" room all cleaned and empty!

    I am in for whatever Cindy puts together next for us, sounds like she has something cooking...I hope everyone else is up for it too!

  11. I loved these posts! I almost feel like I was there. So glad you had a wonderful time!

  12. Gorgeous gorgeous my lovely friend....I adore the way you captured the whole time we all spent together you are AMAZING. Oh how i so wish to be transported back to our cottage and lively creative workspace. :-)

  13. Wow- it is all just so beautiful!

  14. your posts about our weekend are so beautiful! Your stories and pictures are so touching. What an awesome group of women.


  15. chrissy, you are amazing as capturing the essence of an experience. you share such core senses, colors, movement. thank you for sharing all of this on your blog! gorgeous photos & storytelling! lol.

  16. well said chrissy. it was a slide show of our time in the mountains and i yearn to go back there. love you my sweet. thank you for this. i needed it this morning.

  17. Chrissy, thank you so much for your response to my post...The hands in the photgraph are my daughter-in-laws, she had her hands and feet henna(ed?)for her wedding was very beautiful.I'm living your artful journey through your words and photographs...such, alive, rich and vibrant joy! I celebrate the time and friendships that are so apparent in the many lovely faces. Thank you again...(how old are your children?)

  18. What wonderful memories you made! HeARTful Journey; is all i can think of! You glow in all
    your photos; your true essence shining through.
    I won't start singing TRUE COLORS.

    Thanks for sharing; I will dream about going some day!


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