March 28, 2010

if your name is on!

if your name is stella and you are an artist then before you read below...
you must go here!!!!
and listen to the song my 10 yr. old daughter micah found for you!!!
(even if your name isn.t might dig this little number by d.g.)
if you go here... you might remember my day at the scottsdale arts festival with the lovely stella! the end of the day in the middle of starbucks, miss stella gifted me with this awesome children.s book called..."my art"  it is filled with lots of clean, blank pages just waiting to be filled with drawings and doodles.  each page has a prompt for you to get your artistic juices flowing.  together we decided to complete each prompt in the book one at a time.  
the first one was "i can draw me!"
(which is a lie because i cannot draw i looked at a photo of me and tried...)
needless to say, i was suppose to post "me" weeks ago and my scanner broke just in time to save "me".  but now i am so far behind on the prompts i have run out of excuses and so i had to resort to taking a photo.  this is really hard.  this challenge of putting something "out there" into the world that you know stinks.  something that you aren.t happy to put your name on.  have any of you ever done something like this?  promised to deliver and then wished (because of fear) that you hadn.t?
stella choose the 2nd prompt, which was..."i can draw my favorite dessert!"
(okay stel...this is NOT my favorite dessert, but i tried and tried to draw creme brulee 
and it just wasn.t workin for me!)

{prompt number three: "i can draw my favorite zoo animal!"}

on your mark, get set, go!

you can get your own book and play along at your local starbucks!
or just forget the book and use the back of your grocery list.  
that works great too!


  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!??! These are FANTASTIC!! i love love love your self portrait and i LOVE your triple scoop ice cream cone!!! awesome job!!
    i'm off to go draw monkeys!! or elephants!! or giraffes!!

    PS: thanks for the David Gray song! I love him and hadn't heard this track! hugs to your daughter for thinking of me! xo

    let's plan our next adventure soon!


  2. Hey Chrissy, you know what they say - come back in a couple of weeks to look at it and you might love it. I think they are very cute and your handwriting is awesome!Xx

  3. Dear Chrissy ~

    Your work is beautiful. Do not ever let your mind tell you otherwise. Everything you create is incredible.

    I saw this book in starbucks and wondered what it was. I got called to the counter and never went back to open it up. I may have to use a sheet of paper and play along :)

    Love you dear chrissy!

  4. I love your whimsical, light, spring-like drawings. They make me happy just looking at them. Plus, I love your writing on the art - beautiful!! Sounds like you are too hard on yourself... Love, Silke

  5. ~what fun and YOU can DRAW...these are amazing little pieces you have done so far!! i do know how you feel though about wishing for a moment maybe shouldn't have but then when you read the responses of other its a nice little boost...and an HONEST dose from someone other than ourselves...keep drawing...i like it very much...well wishes and brightest blessings~

  6. I love your drawings, they are fun and whimsical! This post made me laugh this morning, thanks for that:) What a fun idea, may have to try that one out myself~xo

  7. Totally Cute! You can draw! I want one of those books. Happy Monday Chrissy!

  8. i think your drawing of yourself is ADORABLE!! and Beth is right - it's a good idea to look at your work after a few weeks have passed. that's what i knew i'd be doing with my CFCTB and i like more with each passing week and will be going back to add more pages soon =-)

    BTW: i'm still interested in doing a swap of my "Basics" affirmations for your "Lifts"...what do you say?!?! =-)

  9. Don't be so hard on yourself-you CAN draw that self portrait looks great. My drawing of myself I would never post I would not be brave enough.

  10. Great job and wonderful inspiration, as always!
    I want this book, haven't heard anything about it.
    I love your drawing and your cute mirrored image or did someone take your photo?! You draw well and I love your lettering! Really Starbucks, I will look next time I'm there....
    Keep at it..your uplifting messages are fun!

  11. Great work and lovely inspiration!
    I'll check out that book :)

  12. Lurve the self portrait so ultra cool of you. That gorgeous flower is fabulous on you sweetie. xxx

  13. my name isn't stella, but i cheated and read the entire post anyway.......and can i just say that i'm SO happy i did!!! because i would have otherwise missed your sweet little self-portrait and that precious drawing of your favorite dessert.....ooops, i guess it's your second favorite, but just remember that creme brulee is meant to only be eaten, not drawn, so you did great by switching over to that pistachio, cotton candy, blueberry goodie!!! you are so cute and so authentic and you inspire me so much.....did you know that?!! hugs for you, dear fabulous artist! :)))

  14. Wait, what stinks? I don't see anything here that does. i love these!

    (now i'm trying to think of what my favorite dessert would be. this is tough.)

    you look gorgeous in your self-portrait (photo and drawn)!


  15. chrissy, this is an awesome, inspiring post. i love that you had fear about posting this, but did it anyway!!! i totally know the feeling...just makes you feel so vulnerable. and i adore your sweet drawings. i love your portrait and your cone!! i don't even know you but your "self" shines through in these drawings...vibrant, funky, sweet.
    thanks for encouraging are one inspiring gal :)
    happy day

  16. Oh! My! Goodness! Chrissy! You do such beautiful work! I relate to your feelings. My Doughnut Dreams Project was born out of an intention to focus on all the "good" in life, and I struggled with expressing that artistically. I was/am very critical of ANYTHING I make/create. I decided to let go of that (for the most part) and to just create for myself. I always preach it's the process, not the product, as a preschool teacher and mother, but struggle to apply the same principle to myself. Your buddy Rachel Awes, along with the artist Page Hodel (if you haven't seen her Hearts for Madalene book, you need to check it out!), inspired me to focus on the emotion and feeling behind what I want to create. To let go of my perfectionist-ways, bit by bit. I'm still working on that! That's a life-long process, but I'm doing it a step at a time, a doughnut at a time :) If you feel inspired to create a Doughnut Dream, please do. You don't have to share it with me--but of course I would love for you to share it with me and the world--but maybe you can make one for yourself, focusing on all the "good" in your life. You really have a gift. And I love your punctuation style! Thank you for sharing your candid feelings, Chrissy. You can feel your spirit and what you write and create. It's so amazing to feel that through a computer screen. Amazing.

  17. dear one, here's an i love list:
    the name micah
    a starbucks book i picked up too!
    cotton candy ice cream (really, my kids do!)
    your (love) lettering
    your shining drawing
    your face
    your encouragement to others

  18. I love your style! it is YOUR style. It screams you!
    I want more more more!


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