March 4, 2010

...march forth on march fourth!

what have you been dying to do?  what have you been putting off?  
what has been in the works but never makes it to the table?  
what do you admire in others that you are afraid to try yourself?
today is the day!
pull up your boot straps friends.
it.s a beautiful day to go forward.
you can take baby steps or a giant leap!
it.s up to you.
grab your cazoo. 
your marching tunes.
put streamers on your bike.
make an exclamation to the world
just whisper it to yourself.
march forth!

(for a great example of marching forth...
check out my dear friend rachel awes' brave!!!)
well done rachel!

what march will you make today?


  1. i LOVE this post!! i am marching forth with my etsy shop...yes i am!!!

    i am letting go of fear.
    i am letting go of simply being okay with the fact i am not sure what i am doing and it isn't going to be anywhere near perfect.
    i am doing it.
    life is too short....that reminder has been so prevelant to me over the past few days.

    i am marching forth my friend....

    i love you dearly!

  2. what an amazing energy and outlook you are putting out here...thank you chrissy! i just checked out rachel's site and it's eye candy!
    i plan to march forth into my studio to enjoy a blissfully creative morning....take care.

  3. WOW love it! I am so marching forth today.... and i have my art opening in NYC tonight so im super excited! WISH you and all our lovely friends could be there with me. Ill post photos in a few days....but i cant wait to see what your marching forth day does for your creative juices. Love Rachels art too thanks for sharing. Chrissy i just love your words and you. :-) xxxx

  4. Hi Chrissy! I marched right on over to Mondo Beyondo to sign up! Class starts Monday, got there in the nick of time. I am ready to dream BIG!

  5. i'm MARCHING toward my first professional gallery exhibit taking place tomorrow!! and i think i will have to march myself over to etsy and buy a print from your friend Rachel - love the bright color of her work!!!

    good luck to Louise for her show tonight!
    good luck to Lorrie with Mondo Beyondo!! i look forward to hearing about your experience =-)

  6. hi dear friend! i'm marching forth with a bit of a needed slow down. getting away from my computer a bit, marching forward on time with my hubby, helping friends, and taking more naps! i know, doesn't sound exciting, but needed right now!
    love and hugs to you,

  7. Love it! I am marching forward in a new project thanks to you! I am sewing my daughters skirts...finally! I got a little done last night and hope to finish in the next few days! Thanks for going shopping with me! Bring it on March!"

  8. i am marching forth a big hug your way!!!

  9. i just love visiting you!!! you are such a fabulous cheerleader!!! unfortunately, tackling all of those things on my "list of things that i want to do" could take me into the month of april......but i'm loving your idea of playing my cazoo and putting streamers on my bike.....i think i'll do that first!! thanks for your non-stop inspiration and encouragement!! xox, :))

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I loved Artful journey and was taken back by reading your wonderful posts on it. Robin is a great person and I'm glad to have met her. I had such a good time I'm returning in July to take DJs class!

  11. In three days I'll be marching inwards...Finally showing the world what lies inside my heart and within my soul as I showcase my ART for the first time in public followed by a reading from my unfinished book...It is SO wonderful to be part of a community that encourages each other to be the best we can be. Thank-you all for your is inspiring! Love to you Chrissy for saying it like it is and pushing us to conquer our fears! You are unforgettable! xox

  12. Hi Chrissy,

    Great idea, but too much going on today, to march forth on the fourth, I will try to march forth on the 7th, when the birthday party and various events are over. I will put streamers on my bike, perhaps go do my art date, it didn't happen today, as planned. Life got in the way...
    Thanks for cheering everyone to try something new... What did you do?! I think I need to get out the silly string, i could do

  13. Thanks Chrissy, I didn't much feel like marching today, good to have a cheerful nudge. I marched to visit a good friend today with flowers and ice cream in tow(She just had surgery), then it was off to a little league meeting, and now I'm about to play with my art supplies while we watch American Idol. Happy Thursday and thanks again for the encouragement!

    Love to you,

  14. Onward and upward, i'm marching! thank you for the inspiration!!!
    b i g love,

  15. Love it! You've got everyone marching with this

  16. I love the idea of marching fourth. I am marching fourth with myself and listening to that inner voice inside myself, only being in healthy relationships, and doing what I must do for myself to take care of me.

    Thank you for making me declare that.

    Missing you big time dear!

  17. LOVE THIS!!! But i didn't read it until today the 5th! March 5th not quite the same ring to it...any way made me smile smile and smile some more! Thank you.
    (and yes the words on my last post were mine)

  18. It's March Forth everyday!

    Well done for the bug cup of inspiration.



  19. Oh I love this! I am so inspired by this post! Thank you :)

  20. Fabulous post Chrissy. You are such an inspiration and I can see your smiling face urging us all on to great things.

    I am marching forth with work today. Back to the real world finally.

  21. darn it! I missed it! I will march forth slightly later than the rest. Will have to think of something. :)


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