March 16, 2010

...little lifts!

last week i had the privilege of sharing a smidgen of my art work at an event honoring and celebrating the talents of women past and present.
can i just say to women everywhere.  throughout all the ages.  that...
you guys rock!
as women, we glean talent from our minds.  our mouths.  
our hands.  and our hearts.
i keep a journal of inspirational words. spiritual thoughts. 
uplifting proclamations.  phrases that speak to me.
from this journal i make what i call "little lifts".
"little lifts" are just that.  "tiny gathered sayings to give you wings."

in preparing for this event, i kept having this little pester.
do you ever get those?  a recurring idea?  a prompting? an urgency to share?
we all call it different things.  
mine said "hey chrissy...bring your little lifts"
so   (after much coaxing)   i did!
i left a little note explaining what they were and that if any of my "little lifts" spoke to them, i wanted them to please take it home with them.  
keep it.  it was a gift from my heart to theirs.
if i could send you a "little lift"today...
what would speak to you?


  1. ~remain compassionate...these are wonderful inspirational tid bits...was just sent one by a friend that said "you are worthy of having it all" great reminders throughout the day...brightest blessings~

  2. that is so AWESOME, Missy Chrissy! i'm so glad you plucked up your courage to bring your creations to share with others and look where it is taking you =-)

    i think those prompts would make a great gift item - i'd definitely buy a batch from you!! maybe we can do a swap of my "Basics" affirmations for a little batch of your "Lifts"?? let me know!

    also, the festival you attended with Stella sounds like such fun - i wish i could have been there with you both =-)

  3. oh my could send me all kinds of lifts that would speak to me emotions are running the gammet!!!

    these are so wonderful C! I just love them and i love your nests and i love your sweet painting that says "set in order your own house" have been hiding some of this super creative prowess!!!!

    i would love to hear more about this event....please share!

    sending you lots and lots of love

  4. you're the bomb, miss chrissy! it is so great to see your work on display. very, very chrissy!

  5. oh my goodness. Chrissy all of your work is incredible. Your paintings are beautiful and I just adore your little lifts. You have the most incredible handwriting. I love the whole idea behind them and I love how you created them. When will you be selling them? I want to buy them.

    I also want to hear more about this event. Please do share, it sounds amazing.

  6. you are doing ok... is what I would need mine to say.

    Man I wish the world was smaller, I would love to sit and have a coffee and a chat with you. x

  7. Chrissy, so interesting... I have been making something very similar, except they are photo-based and I, like you, have been collecting and then trying to pair words to go with each image. I wasn't sure what to call them - I was thinking of R&R (refresh and remind) cards. Great minds think alike, obviously!! Love your work!!

  8. Gorgeous! You use such beautiful colours my lovely...very funny as im doing something similar and my blog post tonight is about signs so ill link to your post....I love how you are making signs to inspire and "lift" others, which doesnt surprise me as you are a kind kindred spirit and we all adore you. :-)

  9. I am so lucky to have gotten a few of these little lifts. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me!!! I look up to and appreciate the person you are. Today my little lift is: Enjoy the little things.

    Love you!!!!

  10. Trust. That's the lift I need today. Too much going on, or not going on in fact, at my end.

    Are those your birds nests? They are magnificent.

  11. Fear Not; I get anxiety on and off, probably from my thyroid, whatever it is. It can hold me back or make me stuck in limbo.

    I love your bird nests, so vibrant and bright, just like YOU!

    I am happy to see you put yourself out there!
    Fear Not, is your lift today, you did it you shared! You have mad skills, keep at it! I love the lifts, love'em!

  12. Love the paintings, love the lifts! So, so cute! My lift today would be "comfort", it jumped out at me with the blue background(very calming)and "love one another", a beautiful message and a beautiful song. It takes courage to share your art, way to go Chrissy! Your beautiful art and sweet spirit was surely an inspiration to all the ladies who attended the event and now you're inspiring your blog friends too!

    Love to you,

    Jenny Lee

  13. mine would say "Be Kind to Yourself" or "Take it Easy".... i am my own worst critic. I need to slow down and take care....of me! chrissy, i miss your smile. xoxo judy

  14. i love them all and many of them speak to me but the "little lift" i need says "be where you are". it's so easy to get ahead of ourselves to get wrapped up and overwhelmed in the details so i need to be present and move forward. i love coming to this blog!


  15. Hi Chrissy,
    You are so awesome! I love these little lifts. And I also have to say that your painting that said "set in order your own house" is so fun to me. When my husband and I first were interested in each other there was a bit of life in the way. I remember saying to him, "We need to get order in our houses." And we did. And here we are ten years later. That message seems to pop up for us here and there (like in your picture) and I always love thinking about the beginning of our love that is my "lift" from you today! Thanks to you and wishing we were getting messy in paint! Soon...


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  17. Oh My- what do I see finally? Are those little nests? Are those YOUR little nest paintings? I am speechless!!! Beauty, love and Inspiration all wrapped up, its obviously your work!

  18. I love them! I love the color. I love the sayings. I love your handwriting. I can picture them in a bowl - ready to grab one each morning to read.

    Mine would say: You are so deeply loved.

    Love to you!

  19. These little lifts are just so neat! You have inspired me to create little lifts of my own. If you were to send me a lift - mine would say "Be Still"

    What kind of paper to you paint these on? I'm new to the painting world, and have no idea where to start, what to buy, how to learn, etc.

    Thanks for bringing a little inspiration to my day :)

  20. chrissy,
    when is your birthday?
    because it seems like today.
    here you are.
    i light candles.
    am thankful.
    the nest & eggs are beautiful.
    they are hatching beyond the page.
    & SHE is on the canvas.
    making order.
    bringing encouragement.
    making the world more beautiful.
    loving. giving. lifting.
    i am so thankful for you!
    (& love the you in your
    handwriting too!)
    & the more YOU on this blog,
    the better!
    as for a lift for me..
    'stand in high places'
    spoke to me
    on your table
    & balanced

  21. wow, I love your artwork. And the "little lifts" are such a clever idea.

  22. oh my.....your handwriting is like an artform itself. so sweet. so beautiful. i remember danielle showing me she had you write in her chunky funky book. it is such a delight to see you sharing your art with others. so fun. wishing i had been there! love you girl. and miss you. thanks for all your love and support over the last couple of weeks.

  23. I saw the picture on Louise's blog and the colors and messages made me SOOO HAPPY...
    Today, mine should say: The Best is Yet to Come...

  24. Dearest Chrissy, you are direct love from the divine! It is so rare to feel so much LOVE from someone you have just met. You have a rare and beautiful heart...your kids are so lucky to have a mama like you. Thank-you for sharing your lifts with the world. I think mine would finally say...I believe...

    Much love to you, xoxox

  25. I absolutely LOVE your little lifts! There is nothing little about them at all with all of the power infused into them. Mine would be No Fear!! And yes, women sure do rock!!!!!

  26. your "little lifts" have just carried me away in a really BIG way!!! they're all so colorful, so warm, so YOU!!! and can i just tell you how much i'm lovin' your writing, too?!! i'm so happy to know you, sweet's a big hug for you today!!! xox, :)))

  27. oh my.
    these are so sweet.
    i'm so glad i found your blog today!

  28. I have tried to make several comments here...and just figured out that I am not doing it right :)
    It was such a pleasure to meet you at An Artful Journey last month.
    I have been enjoying your posts about our adventure and all your other adventures.
    I love your art, spirit and generosity.

    Please, please, message get through for me :)

  29. look at you! you're so talented and wonderful!
    my message today would be the one that says "fear not". that is what holds me back.
    oh how i love you!
    hugs from tx...

  30. chrissy, i love these! the colors and the handwriting and the true messages, all of it!! thanks so much for sharing, true words that inspire. we need to hear these, fresh springs of water for our lakes!

  31. I love love what you message would say keep moving you beautiful soul

  32. i love these so much!
    my little lift would say "sit still and listen"
    i have been go go go go go for weeks now and i need to chill.

    sell these on etsy, k?

  33. I was thinking of you today Chrissy. Thanks for stopping by. As I browse your blog I wish I lived a little closer to you. The little prompts you made are so cool. Your lettering is awesome! until next time sweet spirit...

  34. How amazing, every little bit, a table of delicious wonder. And Little Lifts, how cool is that! You're an angel. Mine might say: Keep Going, Ever Forward.

  35. you lift me. yes you. and make me smile and sometimes cause my eye to twitch with the joy of seeing you and/or your art. damn girl. i wanna see you on etsy and in my home. i want the world at large to experience the gracious warm and loving talented woman that is chrissy. your dear mother has her head tilted to the side and is gazing deeply at you and l.o.v.i.n.g. every inch of you, and yes she is proud of all that you are. all that you are becoming. maybe "i am becoming" is a lift. i so just want to give you the biggest warmest love hug and meet your family because they are you and you them.


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