March 8, 2010

...a fence and a hose.

do you ever find yourself taking pictures of similar things?        i do.  
 and they are usually strange things that no one else wants a photo of.
i get comments from my children, like 
"why did you take a picture of a hooooooose?" 
(you have to add that "that was a stupid thing to do mom" 
 attitude when you say it)
"i don.t know.  i like hoses??"   i like how they can curl up and hang in a semi.unorderly fashion on a fence?   i like that where i was raised, seeing a hose out in the yard meant the freezing winter was nearing an end and spring was hanging in the wings.  i like the symbolism of hoses.  they are flexible.  they bring forth water.  they can cool off hot little bodies.  they can provide a much needed drink to a thirsty mouth.  they help things grow.  they clean.
 they reach.  they soak.  they give. 
they come in all sorts of pretty colors.     a total plus.

im not really a "pink" girl, but who wouldn't mind doing a little yard work with such a yummy hose waiting outside for them?

so.  why do i take pictures of hoses?
i don.t know.    i like hoses.

(what do you find yourself taking pictures of?)


  1. oh chrissy! i love what you love about a hose! & i adore how you write & how you think! sooo funny about "why did you take a picture of a hoooooose?"!!! (speaking of funny,...if you haven't yet seen it, pop over & see kolleen's latest comment on my posting re: you!!). & i too enjoy seeing the multi-colored hoses/hosecandy!
    yesterday i couldn't fish out my camera in time but wanted to get a pic of a license plate in front of me that said something about art (see, now i can't even remember it!!) although random, aren't the pics of what stirs us the best?!!
    happy monday to you, dear friend!! xox

  2. i would water the lawn of my house (if i HAD a house!) with a pink hose!!

    it's okay to take pictures of random things - if it speaks to you, it speaks to you!!! i think it's great visual training =-)

  3. Chrissy, I have learned that those unusual things you are drawn to have something to tell you - look at all the interesting comments you came up with about hoses! It's fun to go back into my photo archives, like I did with all the GREEN stuff and see what's in there. And you just never know what you may end up using and liking... I love it!!

  4. Wow! I love how youve come up with a whole marvellous post about a water hose. How fantastic is that?! Lol
    Luckily for me, my daughter is still at an age (4years) where we go for walks and she enjoys it when we take photos of the most randomest of stuff. Then its great fun looking back at the photos, it brings back thoughts that were running through our minds at that point in time.
    I think its great. I'm all for photographing hose pipes! ;-)

  5. i truly heart the way that you write...what a gift!!!!!

    i can relate 100% to the "why did you take a picture of a hoooooooooose?"
    my kids are always wondering what in the heck i am doing!!! i HAD to take a pic of a slug on our door the other night...he was just hanging out...peeking in on all of us!!!

    love you sweets!

  6. now i want a pink hose. :)
    love ya girlie!!!

  7. you are truly amazing pretty lady. i love what you come up. now i think i love hoses as much as you!
    hugs and much love i'm sending your way!

  8. Pretty; me it is fences, doors and archways. I love the appeal and what they represent. Let me in, damn it or let me, just kidding.

    Fun post!


  9. Great to find some pleasures in the simple things.

  10. I had no idea hoses came in so many fabulous colors, love it! I seem to take a lot of pictures of my cats, I think they're adorable. Love this post.
    PS: I signed up for a drawing class with Suzi Blu!

    Love to you,

    Jenny Lee

  11. Chrissy, this post was just what I needed after a LONG LONG LONG day at work! (with nasty nasty bosses today too!) Your take on hoses just makes me smile and feel happy. So, thanks for that. And I love love pink and just might go looking for that hose! It would look cute among the lack of flowers I always have going on here! ;)


  12. i take pictures of cupcakes! I can't help it! i think they are awesome and so much fun to photograph. of course it's not that unusual... well, to me anyway!

    Love the multi-colored hoses!!!


  13. I went through a faze of taking photos of the backs of people's heads... it drove everyone else crazy but it intrigued me.

    I am not going to look at an ordinary garden hose again without thinking of you and having a little chuckle :)

  14. I've been busy taking photos of my hands-I don't know why I guess because they are always right there!

  15. thanks for your sweet words of encouragement on my blog! love your colorful garden hoses and there are so many wonderful pics of details that were taken during your retreat, it is a beautiful running theme throughout! my son and i have recently gotten new cameras and it has been a secret joy to share in the life of my 13 year old. that will be our next lesson, to take pics of things that seem important to only us! thanks

  16. I LOVE the pink hose! I always find myself taking pictures of trees or grass was one last year! I especially love the trees out in Cali...if its not trees its signs! You've inspired me to go out and take more photos of stuff! :-) xxx

  17. i'll never look at or think of a hose in the same way again! LOVE IT! and your sweet blog that i just discovered!

  18. patterns. like bricks on a wall, wind marks on the sand, bubbles in the beach, shadows on the floor .. you know the sort of thing.

    I love this post, and I love that you took a photo of the hose.

    love you, my dear!

  19. Chrissy......I LOVE you! You are your mothers daughter. If there is a committee for hoses (instead of giraffes) up in Heaven I'm sure you'll be appointed the CEO! I'm so glad to find your blog. Instant smile on my face.


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