March 30, 2010

"that blows eggs mom"...

easter is just a hop away and been thinking of the easter traditions i had growing up.  one of those was "blowing eggs"...when i told my kids about it, they thought it sounded like the coolest, grossest thing ever!
here.s what ya do...
take an ordinary egg.  washed well and dried.
poke a hole in one end with a pin or an ice pick or a fork. or if one of those martha s. types you will use a dremel motor tool.
but that.s not me!
i like to use a smaller hole on the top...
and a bigger hole on the bottom.
then you find a small child who likes disgusting projects and are brave enough to put their mouth over the small hole, making a good seal 
and have them blow!
-over a bowl of course-
(you may want to poke an unfolded paperclip in the egg first 
to break the yolk. i, personally like to make them work at it.)
wash the insides of the eggs thoroughly and let them dry overnight or stick them in the microwave for a short time to dry.  now you have the lightest little blank egg shell canvases to decorate to your little bunny heart.s content!  i.d love to know what egg-citing creations you come up with!

{disclaimer: i know some of you are already cringing at the thought of the salmonella feast i might have invited into my kitchen, so if that is you...know that you can use a ear bulb syringe or a small straw or any other clever thing you can think of to blow out the yucky contents of the egg}

hippity hop!


  1. Chrissy, Lisa here. I think we will try our hand at this, too! I haven't been blog-reading lately, and when I came to stop by and comment here, I also saw your Stella post--My daughter's name is Stella! The connections that are happening in my life right now are unbelievably amazing. I can't even begin to explain all the synchronicity going on.

    I am guest blogging for Amy Krouse Rosenthal this week, hosting a Show & Tell. I do hope you will stop by and tell and show something about yourself, Chrissy. I'm working on my intermission post for tomorrow.

    I have to go and comment on another post of yours...look for that, too! Thanks for this egg idea--Oh, by the way, have you filled the eggs with confetti? My friends did this with us one New Year's Eve. You crack the eggs over each other's heads, to celebrate the new year. Another idea, if you don't plan on keeping the eggs, that is!

  2. Chrissy, my kids and I did this one year. Once the eggs are dry cut one of the holes bigger and put in some colorful confetti and then have fun cracking them on top of each others heads. We did it outside and had a blast chasing each other and cracking them! love you! ~judy

  3. ~l♥♥♥ve...isn't it fun...we did these a few weeks ago and then painted them! they are so sweet and we managed to escape salmonella...hard work on the cheeks though i have to say if you are the blower...well wishing and brightest blessings~

  4. to color these beautiful eggs you should consider "bleeding tissue paper" (the kind where the color runs when wet). you snip or rip it to bits and then wet each piece and cover your egg with the wet bits. once the tissue dries overnight you simply rub it off and your egg is deeply and beautifully colored like a mosaic....have fun!

  5. Oh, this brought back memories! My grampa and I used to do this together when I was little. Gramma bought the Easter outfit and grampa and I would make the mess!

    How fun to do this with your kids! Loved the photos and the happy feeling looking at them ;)


  6. Hi Chrissy, we have done this, really fun craft!
    You can make the eggs eggxtra special! I love
    using white crayon on mine and draw different
    swirls or flowers, the image resists the dye.

    I remember the big sugared eggs,they were beautiful. One year, I received a starched doily lacy n' pretty with a crocheted chick that had a huge Easter egg.
    Thanks for bringing back hoppy memories~

  7. oh my gosh, i know you and your sweet little egg-blowing helpers are going to have SO much fun coloring these little beauties!! enjoy, enjoy, soul sister!!

  8. I used to do that when I was was soooooo much fun! Thanks for the memories.
    I hope you show us the painted eggs as well.

  9. what dear fingers & face of that egg blower!
    can't wait to see these painted.
    colors from your home are always heaven.

  10. lots of memories with this fun project!

  11. aww! i used to do these with my grams... it was a yearly tradition. we made faces, put string for hair, made tuxedos, covered with glitter, all sorts of things. sweet-sweet memories :)


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