March 22, 2010

...LIBERTY for all.

i was 19 when i first went to study abroad in london, england.  
i remember discovering the most magnificent store 
on great marlborough street.

all the little quilt ladies i knew told me it was a must 
to pay a visit to "liberty"...the famed british fabric house.
"liberty" fabrics are most well known for their 
bright colors and often floral patterns.
i always felt just as happy eyeing the bolts of gorgeous cotton threads
 in "liberty" as i did in any london art gallery.  
 it was like a museum all on it.s own.
(the store was born in 1875 by arthur liberty who began importing and manufacturing what actually came to be known as his art fabrics.)
imagine my excitement when i walked into my local "target" store over the past weekend and stumbled upon their new "liberty" line!!!
honestly friends....
they have garden goodies and darling dishware.  pretties for the rain or a sunny ride along the boardwalk.  "manly-floral" ties for your favorite hunk or ruffled floral rompers for the newest little pink person in your life.  i about walked out of the store in the silky p.j.'s and don.t even get me started on the new pillows i want for my sofa, the perfect bedspread i eyed or the flower encrusted office supplies i.m pretty positive i need 
in my art studio this spring.

i highly recommend a stroll through your local target museum store and if you don.t have one where you live, take your own online tour of  "LIBERTY" right here!!!

(and to my darling british know who you are...
i.m sooooo envious!!! loves to you!!!)


  1. Don't those wellies just make you want to go and jump in puddles?? Come back to London and we can go shopping there together! Tell us what else you remember from your trip as a girlieXx

  2. girrrrrlfriend! you know this floral rainboot friend of yours is droooooooling over this liberty post! THAT BIKE! GLOVES! TRAY! um...EVERYTHING! & of course, THAT ACTUAL STORE IN LONDON! ready, set, go! meet you THERE!

  3. omg!! seriously?!?!? this is amazing!
    i live in canada and there are not targets here... but i was planning an adventure trip to the states for a roller derby next month and i will make sure to stop at target!

  4. i own two liberty of london print shirts and they never fail to brighten my spirit when i wear them....i'll be sure to check out all the eye candy next time i'm at target!


  5. oh my goodness. i want that bike!! so cool that you went to london when you were 19. awesome. love you. and thanks for sharing this. i'll be on the lookout next time i'm in target.

  6. I was in Target today and saw it! I was nuts over this sunflower print. I almost bought an
    XL girl's dress, so I could cut it up and make
    floral napkins. I didn't, but I have to go back that way, tomorrow,for a Dr's appt. Eye candy will be calling me, back to the store, who knows, if I retain self control, yikes!

    I went to England when I was 17, for a week; It was a high school trip, but i loved every minute of it. Thanks for all the visual stimulation, would love to hear more about your
    adventure, how exciting!

    I wanted the tea pot, but it was gone! I can
    remember the great continental breakfast, hot milk, amazing tea and hot rolls with jam. I
    am going to at least go buy some English tea, tomorrow! Thanks for the trip down memory souvenir was a Monopoly game with all the highlights of London!

  7. I love, love, love Target! Thanks for the update on the new and yummy Liberty line. I see a trip in my near future...

    I'm finally following you, after thinking I already was. Sheesh! So happy I am as I enjoy reading your blog and all your fabulous adventures. You live in one of the most beautiful places! And your pictures are always so breath taking.

    kiss kiss hug hug,

  8. I have a Target less than a mile away, but have not been there in ages - this is all the prompting I need! Chrissy, I lived in Antwerp when I was 20, doing part of my student teaching there - we'll have to compare notes sometime!!
    XOXOX to you!!

  9.'re making me homesick...this was a lovely post, and Liberty is one of my favourite places too.
    Thanks for sharing Chrissy.

  10. beautiful, brilliant, gor-juss friend....i have to tell you...

    my hubby just may not like you when I blame THIS post on the reason for the big Target charge on our Visa!!!!! ; )

    i'm just sayin.....

    <3 you so much!

  11. I love Target too...I am eyeing quite a few things there right now! Love your pictures, it is always so nice to get a quick escape from my busy day while looking at your always beautiful pictures. You are the best!


  12. isn't london the most spectacular, magical place....ever?!! and to think that a little piece of it is right here in our friendly neighborhood tar-jay store!!! life is SOOOO good, isn't it?!!! xox, :))
    p.s. thanks always for your ever-sweet comments on my brighten my day in ways you'll never know, girlfriend!

  13. i just love those patterns! i will put the LIBERTY store on my list of things to see and adore in London. not that i have a vacation planned yet, but it would be a fabulous trip:) thank you for sharing! xoxo, juliette

  14. These are so much fun, we don't have anything like that here in New Zealand yet... will be a few years I am guessing.

  15. What fun! Those fabrics are just too cool. I was in Target just two hours ago and should have gone back to garden wares. Oh well, guess I'll just have to go back again tomorrow. {yes, I could actually take up residence inside our Target store.}

  16. We have two things in common...probably more :)
    I went to college in London...Hampstead to be exact and I love Liberties of London.
    I also love that Target has a Liberty of London promotion.
    I bought four little outfits for my one year old Granddaughter...those dresses are so cute can't wait to see her in them...even her Grandfather got caught up in the action.
    I will see my Danish family next week...Son,Danish Daughter-in-law, 3 year old Grandson and 1 year old Granddaughter, in Berlin, Germany.

  17. Clearly I am overdue for a trip. That would be such a fun store to photograph!

  18. Chrissy, I love your blog posts. On my other blog,, I have covered things like this ... and YES, girlfriend, I discovered LIBERTY right here in Encinitas, at our local Target ... yesterday. I picked up a couple of the new Liberty binders - they're fabulous and sweet and oh-so-decorative. I love all the Liberty happening at Target! AND the guy who checked my order out said "you're going to enjoy those Liberty items - they're wonderful, aren't they?!" at TARGET, this guy was MISTER CUSTOMER SERVICE, I swear. I loved him. Keep up the great posts, Chrissy. :-) Davi


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